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The beaches of Cambrils will have a beach bar service this summer

This past Easter there were many Cambrilenses and tourists who were surprised not to see beach bars on the beaches of Cambrils. Until last year, it was usual for several of the establishments to start their season on these holidays, but the new contest promoted by the City Council, with completely renewed designs, has made it impossible for the premises to be operational in mid-April.

The fourteen beach bars that won the controversial tender will work this summer. In fact, this week several of the winning companies have already begun the installation of the posts, which will also have a new sewage and electricity network, a system that is placed at the same time as the module.

Sources from the consistory have confirmed to the Diari that the will was that the beach bars were already located to be able to open at Easter. However, there have been some problems with the construction of the different booths that have caused this delay in service. The restoration companies have had to stick to the executive project of the contest that indicated how each beach bar should be. The previous government team opted to unify the design of these positions with the aim of giving them a “more modern, up-to-date and functional image”.

Three construction companies from the province have been in charge of creating the different beach bars, all of them with the same material and finishes. But the carriers’ strike and the supply problems of different materials, in addition to the different storms that have been suffered in the last month and a half, have made it difficult for the beach bars to be ready on time. “The owners have not complained about not being able to work during Easter. We wanted them to be operational in April but there has been this supply failure,” they point out.

After overcoming these problems, the installation of the stations has already begun, but it is unknown when they will all be operational. Of course, from the local government they emphasize that this summer there will be some more current beach bars that will give a new image to the beaches of Cambrila.

New tender in 2023

In the summer of 2021, the Cambrils City Council put out 21 lots to public tender. 19 offers were received -a total of nine companies- and although initially fifteen positions were awarded, finally in January it was learned that one of the companies had resigned after winning the tender, for which fourteen lots were finally awarded and seven were deserted.

The will of the Oliver Klein government was to hold the contest again this year to give companies the opportunity to manage the deserted lots. They wanted to hold an “express contest” but the legal requirements were not met. For this reason, the will is to tender these positions in 2023, with exactly the same conditions as last year’s process, and thus ensure that the beaches of Cambrils have 21 beach bars.

It should be remembered that the Associació de Xiringuitos de Platja de Cambrils has presented four administrative disputes before the court to suspend a contest that they consider “economically unfeasible”. None of its members who ran the establishments until 2021 opted for this four-year concession.

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