The barró of the catenària deTarragona

The last important train accident is going to produce the passage said on the vespre at the departure of the Vilaverd station when a merchandise combo is going to derail. The removal of the locomotive and the affected wagons will force the R13 and R14 lines to be cut, as well as the alternative road service between the Valls and Montblanc stations and between La Plana and Montblanc. All aquests trams of the xarxa feroviària are single track. How is it possible that every two out of three requests some kind of track? Fonts d’Adif, who we cannot reveal, explain in confidence that the state railway line to Catalonia is in a disaster. Per ratify-ho només cal fer el recompte d’incidències. But hi there is a detail that is in tea. If you walk along the passera that descends from the Mirador del Mediterrani to the Miracle, you can see the system used to block the tensioner of the catenary: a barred whip crosses the radii of the gear. I thought that it should be a provisional solution, but, according to my calculations, it was enough for more than one year than for women. At the end haurem de concloure that faces passen few misfortunes.

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