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The ‘bad leg’ of a man wanted by two courts

The Guàrdia Urbana de Reus arrested a man wanted by two courts in the middle of the afternoon last Wednesday, April 20, one in the same capital of Baix Camp and the other in Tarragona. The reasons have not been disclosed. The arrest materialized in the offices of the CAP Sant Pere, where the arrested man was waiting to be treated for pain in his ankle.

The agents had gone to the CAP because they had to take a statement from a minor who an hour earlier had been hit by a car on Josep Vidal i Llecha street. The patrol had attended the outrage and had taken a statement from the driver and his father.

The run over was fortuitous, since the minor was playing and after receiving a push he ended up in the lane when the car was driving that hit him slightly. And the minor’s pain was centered on his leg.

Beyond taking a statement of the facts, they proceeded to go to the CAP to finish completing the report. An EMS ambulance took the teen away for a medical exam.

In the CAP, the detainee asked the agents and in the identification, the two judicial search and arrest warrants jumped. Since the detainee had ankle pain, he was treated at the medical facilities, which diagnosed a possible fissure and referred the patient to the hospital.

The trip to Sant Joan was inside the police car and he left there with his leg in a cast and went to the police station, where the procedure for handing over the detainee was completed, with two pending court orders.

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