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The April «fair» | Tarragona Newspaper

The dance of the Saló de Plens is picking up rhythm. When there are only 13 months left for the next municipal elections –and much less for the internal debate of the mayors and the party struggles to occupy a starting position in the candidacies–, the Plaça de la Font plenary yesterday experienced a new chapter of its particular monthly “fair”, this time in April, which in each session acquires new and unexpected booths. With rebujitos included.

The lighting of yesterday’s show was marked by the non-celebration of the Bonavista April Fair in its usual format, after the resignation of the Casa de Andalucía due to the “little involvement” that, they denounce, Espimsa and the City Council would have had for its organization in the month that would play. On this, three were the protagonists of the contest: the mayor Pau Ricomà (ERC), the president of Espimsa, Dídac Nadal (Junts per Tarragona), and the non-attached councilor Sonia Orts, who precisely yesterday established a new Guinness record by spraying all the trademarks worldwide to make a request: it was… 11 minutes! The ex of Ciutadans ended with the patience of councilors, civil servants, assistants and journalists. «Let her speak. It seems that she has an issue that she needs to explain with a bit of context », the mayor ironically faced the general desperation.

In his dense intervention, with great details of figures and dates, Orts claimed that “Andalusians also feel Catalan”, and lamented the absence of the highest municipal representative at the opening of the Bonavista fair (without booths) last weekend of week. “Support is demonstrated with facts,” he reproached a Ricomà who yesterday also earned the enmity of those present in Plaça de la Font by not allowing the mid-morning break for coffee. “Today we are well on time, we will not stop,” he said in what was a disappointment similar to that of the students when they are punished without a playground. “This is not agreed upon by the government,” joked the second deputy mayor, Cristina Guzman (Junts per Tarragona).

And it is that yesterday the oven was not for buns because of the fair. «The Casa de Andalucía knows that it has our full support. We have looked for the formula to maintain our contribution of 15,000 euros, either from Espimsa or from the Patronat de Turisme. And we don’t just keep it for 2023, but if they find a date for this same 2022 we’ll be excited to get it done.” The mayor does not rule out, therefore, that this year the April Fair will be called the June Fair or the October Fair. From greener to riper… right?

However, the one who broke the bank was Dídac Nadal (JxTGN), who after several hours biting his tongue about the April Fair exploded almost at noon, giving one of the headlines of the day: «The mayor who brought the April Fair Thirty years ago it was the independence fighter Nadal, ”said the also councilor of Commerce in reference to his father, thus ruling out that there is a line of sovereignty against the Andalusian tradition. It should be remembered that whoever was the second mayor after the recovery of democracy –Joan Miquel Nadal (CiU)– maintained a government pact with another Ricomà for eight years: Francesc. However, that Nadal-Ricomà duo was diametrically different from the Ricomà-Nadal of today. Why? Francesc Ricomà was from the PP. They were different times.

Where did I say…
Before the fair monopolized the plenary session, the day began with a surprise: the CUP skipping the pact with ERC and Junts per Tarragona ten months ago to distance itself from its partners in a credit modification proposed by the coalition executive itself. He did it for an item of 25,192 euros for compensation in case of possible injuries to agents of the Guàrdia Urbana. Eva Miguel justified her position on the fact that, with this money, “judicial decisions that are far from the reality of the facts could be endorsed”, with “doubtful sentences such as the Bershka case.” It so happens that the agreement between ERC, cupaires and juntaires specifies, in writing, that “the discrepancy in matters of municipal competence must be channeled through internal debate and, exceptionally, it may involve a differentiated vote in the Govern Board, but in no case can it lead to a differentiated vote in committee or in plenary session». Where did I say say, say Diego?

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