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The animalists keep an eye on the correbous to les Terres de l’Ebre

The campaign of the festes amb bous a les Terres de l’Ebre has begun, this past week, in Aldover (Baix Ebre). Representatives of the animalist entity AnimaNaturalis have reprès the recording of these celebrations, above all of bous capllaçats and embolats that are due to the modalities that they urge the Parliament to prohibit.

They have fet through a legal proposal that the CUP and the Comuns have presented, which also proposes to prohibit the bous to the sea. AnimaNaturalis has returned to the black places to record images, which are “difficult to access”, to show them to part of the Catalan population that is unaware that these shows are allowed in Catalonia, practices that qualify as “d’aberrants and abusive” .

Per AnimaNaturalis “no hi ha d’haver debate” on the continuation of these modalities of festes amb bous, els capllaçats i embolats or els bous a la mar, and they trust that all the groups of the Parlament donin support to the proposal of llei that s’has registrat per prohibit-los. “What deixin to think of a grapat of votes to ensure some mayors and pension in the general sense of all of Catalonia that rebutja by the vast majority of these spectacles, fins and all very many people of Terres de l’Ebre”, has pointed out the director of l’entitat, Aïda Gascón.

AnimaNaturalis and CAS International are going to quantify the cost of these festes, to thirty municipalities on this fan correbous, at 850,000 euros. Amposta, la Ràpita and Alcanar are the municipalities that spend the most on buses, according to animal entities -123,912 euros, 68,658 euros and 62,848 euros, respectively (2019)-, and the municipality that “supply the most cars” is Mont-roig del Camp (Baix Camp), on going to spend 20,396 euros on two bullfighting shows. According to 2019, there are 440 bullfighting activities in 205 days of bullfighting -128 embolats and 54 capllaçats.

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