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The amazing sights of the Pont Vell de Cabacés

Every time a single thing is photographed, the resulting image is different. «Cap is the same», reflects Joan Francesc Perpiñà (Tarragona, 1964) and there he demonstrates at the exhibition ‘El Pont Vell i altres llocs d’interès de Cabacés’, which ends on April 29 to visit the Center de Reading of Reus. This is the first show in Perpignan, which has been carrying a camera for 15 years to the coll. It is his hobby, he said it, of which he is always unaware. Is that since he goes to his first courses, for more than a decade, he has left to train.

Amb arrels to the Priorat municipality of Molar, I maintained a special link with the Priorat region which, together with the Delta de l’Ebre, are the preferred spaces for capturing both the lens. On Cabacés, the Pont Vell is a structure that especially raises the attention, beginning with the one that supposes a pont: s’hi pot passar per dalt but també per sota. But concretely the Pont Vell also keeps a mystery cert. “Is it romà or medieval?” he asks. I is that the origin of this quest element, protected as a Cultural Heritage of Local Interest, is of uncertain origin. Hi there are authors who maintain that it is Roma, alligat amb possible roads that lead from l’Ebre to Tarraco. Others are inclined to think of a medieval origin in connection with the camí de blat from l’Aragó to Barcelona per l’Ebre. A tot això s’hi adds another element that adds value to Perpignà hi: hi passes the riu Montsant.

The Pont Vell mateix in Cabacés is photographed from an alternative perspective and, in these cases, by day. Photo: Joan Francesc Perpiñà Casas

«My first idea was to have an exhibition totally focused on the Pont Vell», with images of night, day, different points of view… «But then I vaig to think that, nor that there is not even a photo like it, could be for the spectator it could be avorrit, for which thing vaig decide to extend-ho amb altres llocs d’interès de Cabacés”, he explains. It is for this reason that at the exhibition there were also images of the two hermits that were in the municipal terme (that of Sant Roc and that of Foia), a structure that is connected with the Covassa and the Creu. Elements that are interlaçats amb rutes.

The exhibition is the fruit of two years of work. It will be between 2017 and 2019 that Perpignan will create the photographs, with the idea of ​​fer, later, an exhibition. “Hi ha molt de temps al darrera”, he expresses. Is that I like to ‘cook’ each image slowly, I turn on the temps that are easy to get to get the image that I have in mind. «A vegades costa veure la fotografia, but m’agraden els reptes». With the irruption of the pandemic, he will benefit from revealing images, adding to the printing …

Finally, the photographs will see the light in the summer of 2020, exposed to the mateixa seu del Parc Natural de Montsant. It will also pass through Cabacés and, this month of April, the images have arrived in Reus, at the Reading Center, which can be visited from Sunday to Sunday from 5 to 9 pm, and dissabtes from 10 to 2 pm.

The Pont Vell, together with other industries, does not cease to be the great protagonist, together with the water, the Montsant River. The structure has a length of 39 metres, a height of 6 and an extension of 3, with three arcs of mig punts bastits with white stone.

The enchantment of the landscape

What Joan Francesc Perpiñà likes the most is portraying landscapes, all of which, in reality, he said that he was «a mica de tot». It will be, but, macro photography, capturing the world of the plants, the one that he will capture. «Les plantes, els insectes… It’s all a món que no veus i, amb la photograph, vaig descobrir», he recalls. A fascination that after the voyage capped the photography of landscapes, both during the day and at night, he felt the Priorat and the Delta de l’Ebre the countries with which he felt more comfortable working. He also gaudeix amb the fauna and, of fet, now is endinsant in the high speed technique, to capture ocells. As Perpiñà explains, photography requires a lot of dedication, both to find the image –what to capture and from a fifth perspective–, as well as to get the technique and polish it sufficiently.

Even though this is his first exhibition, Joan Francesc Perpiñà’s work has continued to merit various guardons in these 15-year-old quests in which the camera has become the seva traveling company. He has won, for example, the award in the Creativity category for the Landscaping Photography Contest of Terres de l’Ebre 2018, jointly organized by the city councils of l’Ametlla de Mar and Deltebre.

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