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The accused of killing his ex-wife’s lover in Vila-seca did it “out of fear”

The man accused of stabbing to death the lover of his ex-partner in Vila-seca has stated that he did so out of fear that he would kill him after a “very intense” discussion with the victim.

This Monday, the defendant has acknowledged that he stabbed him with two knives and that he was wearing gloves when he committed the murder. The man has assured that he entered his mother-in-law’s house in August 2020 to ask his wife for explanations about the separation.

“He went towards me screaming I will kill you, if there was another option at that time I did not know how to see it,” confessed the accused, who has only answered the questions of the defense. The popular jury will have to issue a verdict after the final conclusions are presented on Tuesday.

Initially, the prosecution requested 20 years in prison for a crime of murder and a year and a half for breaking and entering. As for the private prosecution, he requested 25 years while the defense requested acquittal.

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