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TGN will spend 450,000 euros to improve the lighting of the Rambla Nova

Tarragona City Council has begun a process to improve the quality of public space in the city, which affects the creation of new pedestrian routes and the redevelopment of some of the areas in an advanced state of deterioration, such as Plaça Catalunya and the of the Fifth Promotion, in Sant Pere i Sant Pau. These actions, which in some cases are already underway, include a second line of interventions in terms of improving public lighting. Within this framework is one of the projects that is planned to be carried out in the coming months and that affects the main artery of the city: the Rambla Nova.

The local administration will invest the sum of 450,000 euros (VAT included) in improving the lighting of this axis from the Balcó del Mediterrani to President Companys, a promenade that, despite its centrality, has black spots and that now they want to resolve, increasing safety for the people who pass through it.

The action contemplates two lines of work. On the one hand, the replacement of 403 lights that use mercury vapor, by LED technology, which will reduce consumption and improve the quality of light. And, on the other, the installation of new light points in those areas where it has been detected that it is insufficient. In this case, 138 new ones have been planned, so that the figure of 541 lampposts will be reached in the whole route. «We are increasing the lighting capacity of the existing lights, which give little light, and the points will be expanded, which in some way is telling us that in some spaces the Rambla Nova is dark and we cannot afford it, and even less so when it is the main artery of Tarragona”, affirms the Councilor for Territori, Xavier Puig.

light deficit

The project has been planned bearing in mind that “we often run into problems, because the lights don’t work”, says the third deputy mayor. The technology is old, which means that at certain times there are breakdowns that leave some sections without supply. Also, it wants to reinforce the lighting of the area between the Font del Centenari and the Balcó, which is the oldest part. “Specifically in front of the OMAC and in the area in front of Unió street, they are areas that look too dark and it cannot be, since it is a very busy area,” he adds. Furthermore, from the City Council it is stated that the problem is also being attacked with the pruning of trees, since the high density often means that light does not penetrate, accentuating this darkness that is to be avoided.

The City Council assures that this intervention has been launched after receiving “some specific complaints” from neighbors who pointed to this deficit, and that they have been corroborated by municipal representatives. “After the unequivocal technical diagnosis and verifying that we have these mercury vapors on the Rambla, which cannot be, it has been decided to remedy it”, indicates the person in charge of urban planning. And it is that, as he indicates, «in the end, lighting is the first step in this transformation that must take place on this axis, since it is an element that tells us the urban quality of the streets at night and it is very important that in winter, from five in the afternoon, the lighting is good and people can circulate calmly at all times».

End of the year

From Territori it is reported that the project is drafted. “It is purchase and installation, which makes it a more agile and faster action,” says Puig. In addition, the City Council ensures that it also has the money, since this department has several items allocated to improving public lighting provided with resources. However, a credit modification must be made that will group the different appropriations and that “will generate this capacity to finance the operation.” For this reason, it is expected that as soon as the plenary gives its approval to the operation, work can begin. However, it is expected that these could start in the fall. “It is a very large project, so it would be bold to think that we are going to be able to do it before Santa Tecla,” argues Puig.

This project activates a new phase of improving lighting in the city that began in Via de l’Imperi and later also reached Parc del Francolí and Passeig Josepa Massanés. In this case, the investment made amounts to 336,600 euros and the City Council received a grant of 127,400 euros from the Provincial Council of Tarragona, through the Municipal Action Plan (PAM).

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