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TGN pays tribute to victims of Franco’s repression

Tarragona has paid tribute this Sunday at noon to the victims of Franco’s repression in the city. The event was held in the city cemetery and was organized by the Association of Victims of Franco’s repression in Tarragona.

The mayor, Pau Ricomà, has highlighted that “the administrations have the great challenge of recovering the democratic memory. In Tarragona we are recovering the republican values ​​because it is the memory of the future”.

“We cannot allow all those people who fought to defend ideals and values ​​that they face now and today are threatened to be forgotten”, continued Ricomà, adding that “we are experiencing an economic and moral crisis and there are new forms of fascism such as the denial of the rights of women or newcomers. We have to look forward, but without losing our memory.”

For her part, the president of the organizing entity, Montserrat Ginés, recalled that “we are still digging graves and reading summaries. We are claiming spaces of torture as spaces of memory. Much work remains to be done. Today is a tribute to those who lost their lives defending ideas. We live in a democracy, but we don’t trust each other because at any moment they can take it away from us”.

The general director of democratic memory of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Antoni Font, has remarked that “today’s is an act of justice, an act of reparation. A tribute to the direct victims, but also to the indirect ones who are the ones who suffered the silence, humiliation and social isolation of a regime like the Francoist”.

Finally, the Government delegate in Tarragona, Teresa Pallarés, wanted to emphasize the fact that “it is an act of overcoming the mourning process. It is about restoring dignity not only to the victims but also to the country. We want a free and democratic country because we still have fascist reminiscences today.”

The event ended with a floral offering by the authorities, relatives and associations fighting against Francoism in Tarragona, Priorat, Baix Camp and Baix Penedès.

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