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Technology at the service of safer and more efficient driving

In Spain, the accident rate at the wheel is an issue that is always topical and that worries authorities, associations or experts as well as the rest of society. Among the causes that most affect, are speeding, alcohol consumption and distractions at the wheel, especially the manipulation of the mobile phone.

Aware of this,, the 100% online used car purchase marketplace in Spain with an official dealer guarantee, has compiled some of the best mobile apps that make driving easier, both from the point of view of daily use like security.

My DGT. In it, the driving license, the information on those vehicles that are in the name of the user, with their corresponding circulation permit and technical sheet, and the vehicle documentation in digital format can be stored; as well as other general data such as the license plate, the model, the frame, the type of vehicle, the last ITV, the insurer, the usual driver, etc.

Waze. The users themselves are the ones who report, in real time, the state of the roads, traffic incidents, the presence of radars, points of interest, as well as the best itineraries.

Google Maps. It offers scrolling map images and even the route between different locations, real-time traffic conditions and a route calculator, as well as a GPS navigator.

Comobity. created by the DGT and the Ministry of the Interior, with the aim of improving the mobility and protection of cyclists, pedestrians and drivers, both on the road and in the city. This application warns by voice about the presence of pedestrians or cyclists in a radius of less than 500 meters. In addition, it alerts of incidents that occur on the road, retentions, works or accidents in real time.

Torque Pro. This app monitors cars with an OBD (On Board Diagnostics) system, allowing our smartphone to communicate with the vehicle, obtaining a large amount of information such as the state of the engine, the possible errors that it could present, the speed, the breakdowns, maintenance monitoring, etc.

muting. Designed to avoid distractions at the wheel. It is automatically activated when connecting the phone via bluetooth, with the vehicle’s hands-free system, updating the status from available or busy to driving.

My car locator. With this app, and the GPS, we can locate our car wherever we have parked it.

Incidence. Mobility platform that connects the different agents involved in the road: road maintenance companies, insurers, drivers, cyclists and administrations. E-park, SOSmart, Drivemode or Max Speed ​​are other of the many applications that exist in the market ( in versions for Android or IOS), whose function is none other than that of accompaniment, help and driving safety.

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