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Teatre, circus and music to animate the market and commerce of the historical center of Valls

Theatrical animations, circus workshops, musical performances, vermouth swing and inflatables. These are some of the activities that can be found by the people who spend the dissabtes – from the rest and the end of July 16 – in the old town of Valls in what is called Reviu el Center Històric. An extensive cultural and festive program designed for all ages. «The objective is to dynamite the historical center, , of the trade and the market», highlighted the mayor, Dolors Farré. She remembered that one week, the weekly market will return to this industry of the city and both this initiative is to encourage them to buy.

Good part of the activities will be held in the square of the Museu Casteller de Catalunya, space for pedestrians to touch the shopping center of Valls and that communicates, at the same time, the historic places of Blat and l’Oli, on their location the weekly Valls market. This industry is usually open to the public and is known on the market days to facilitate the passage of people from the Plaça del Blat vulguin to the Plaça de l’Oli.

The program of the new cycle includes more shows of an itinerant nature for the festive activities to be held in other streets and places of the historic center. In total, they have scheduled a dozen activities that will be, in a first part, ending on July 16. Among the proposals, the family shows of Aquafonia and the several ampules of water music or the petit theater of holograms of La caixeta, by the cia Holoqué Espectaculum stand out. I also hi trobarem inflatables for the little ones or the circus workshops of the Vallenca Passabarret company, both jocs d’habilitat that range from tightrope walking to balancing on objects, juggling, cycles or xanques. In the section of the musical performances hi will pose the itinerant rhythm, per carrers i places, the jazz of Boozan Dukes or the dixieland music of the Small River Brass Band, while the theatrical companies Traüt Espectacles or Toc de Gresca will also animate in clau d’humor els carrers del Center Històric. Finally, a vermouth swing will fill the square of the Museu Casteller de Catalunya with dancers and dancers in the square of the new cycle, which will bring life, festival and culture to the nucli valley.

“Affording the return of the weekly market to the relocation in these three places, I hope that all the valleys rediscover the market and the trade of this area”, pointed out Sònia Roca, councilor of the Center Històric, Urbanisme i Patrimoni. Marc Ayala, head of Culture, highlighted the “transversal” joint treball fet per les dues regidories». He said that “it is the first time that we develop such a specific cycle dedicated exclusively to cultural activities in the historic center”. He underlines that they are very different and singular proposals.

The programming is posarà in marxa demà. For a coast, between the eleventh matí and the late afternoon hi haurà inflatables to the square of the Museu Casteller de Catalunya –an activity that will be repeated on June 11 and July 16–. And from les dotze del migdia, the jazz band Boozan Dukes will carry the seva music in an itinerant tour of the historical center. The performances will be held on July 9 at La Caixeta, Cia Holoqué Espectaculum amb el seu teatre d’hologrames. No hi haurà festa on June 18 and 25, but not coincide with the Sant Joan program.

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