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Tarragona wakes up with an orange alert due to strong storms

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) foresees abundant rainfall for this Wednesday in almost the entire eastern half of the peninsula, in addition to significant snowfall in the main mountain systems.

Throughout the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands the sky will be cloudy and there will be almost generalized showers that will tend to subside to the west, except in the east of the Bay of Biscay and the eastern third, where they will be abundant; they are expected to be strong and persistent around the lower Ebro and Cape La Nao.

The rains may be accompanied by a storm, especially on the eastern peninsular façade, and will be unlikely in the west of the Meseta and Andalusia; in the Canary Islands, which will have cloudy intervals, some isolated weak precipitation in the north of the islands with greater relief is not ruled out.

The snow levels will be at 900 meters in the western Cantabrian, where they will rise to 1,100; in the Pyrenees at 1,100/1,300 meters and then climb to 1,500; in northern Iberia they will be around 1,100; in the central system and the eastern Iberian, to 900 and rising to 1,100/1,300 meters; in the mountains of eastern Andalusia and the southeast of the southern plateau it will be over 1,700 and will drop to 1,100/1,300 meters.

Temperatures will drop in most of the country, which will be notable in the case of the maximum in the southeast quadrant, where locally it could be extraordinary; There will be weak frosts in the mountainous systems of the north, center and southeast of the peninsula.

The wind will blow from the west and will be strong in Alborán, and will be locally very strong around Melilla, in addition to having strong intervals in the Strait; In the rest of the country, there will be a predominance of northerly component wind, with very strong gusts in mountain areas and strong intervals in the Canary Islands, the eastern Cantabrian Sea and the north of the peninsular Mediterranean area.


There will be cloudy skies with precipitation occasionally accompanied by storms, which will be locally strong or persistent along the coast and pre-coastal, especially in Tarragona, where more than 20 liters per square meter could fall in just 20 minutes. The province has activated the yellow alert due to the intensity of the rain throughout the morning and it is expected that the orange level will be activated in the afternoon, when rainfall will increase significantly.

The storm will affect with more force to the zone of Terres de l’Ebre, where a strong maritime storm is also expected. The rains in Tarragona will last until tomorrow morning. The skies will clear as Thursday progresses.

The snow level will be 1,100/1,400 meters in the western Pyrenees and 1,600/1,800 meters or higher in the rest; the minimums will remain unchanged, with weak frosts in points of the Pyrenees, and the maximums will descend, locally notable in the southern third; on the coast there will be moderate to strong north and northeasterly winds with very strong gusts during central hours; while in the rest it will be a weak to moderate component.

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