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Tarragona plans for the Metropol to be a cultural axis with the Museu Jujol and the Escola Municipal de Teatre

Tarragona City Council launches the Pla Metropol. The emergency actions that have been carried out in recent times in the deteriorated cultural site of the Rambla Nova, together with the actions that must now be promoted to “legalize” the space of the Caixa Escènica – occupied by the Sala Trono since 2018 until this week–, have caused the municipal government (ERC-Junts per Tarragona-CUP) to decide to change course to stop looking only at the short term and start promoting a global project for the future that turns the modernist site into the cultural and theatrical axis of the city center, mainly with the Museu Jujol and the new Escola Municipal de Teatre.

This is confirmed to the Diari by the Councilor for Culture, Inés Solé (CUP), who highlights that “there is already an agreement” between the three formations of the Plaça de la Font executive to draw up a joint roadmap to invest with the same project in the three legs of the site: the now empty building at number 46 of the Rambla Nova, the theater complex and the garden. “For the first time there is an economic predisposition. And we don’t want to do only emergency actions such as bulletins, but we are already working on the use plan to dignify the entire space, “says the councilor of the cupaire formation. In fact, in the municipal plenary session last March, an item of 260,000 euros was approved for improvements in the space.

The property, protected
Undoubtedly, the most sensitive part of the project is the building where there used to be flats, which is listed as Bé Cultural d’Interès Local (BCIL). “They are empty, old and worn because there has been no maintenance in recent years. We want to carry out an important transformation and, for this reason, we have already requested a report on the structural state of the building”, explains Solé. The will is to locate the new Escola Municipal de Teatre in this location, a proposal that is written in the government pact signed in June 2021. «It is a privileged and emblematic enclave, ideal for encouraging citizens to be trained in the arts performances and generate synergies, for example, with the Martí i Franquès”, details the mayor, who highlights that “we have the Mostra de Teatre Jove and groups of young people who are looking for alternatives to be able to train and rehearse”, in the style of what is already the Municipal School of Music.

The roadmap provides that a “cultural information service in which tickets are sold and is a point of reference for the city’s culture” will be adapted on the first level of the building, specifies the head of the municipal area of ​​Culture. At the same time, the idea is that the theater site is committed to the museification of Jujol, in which the figure of the architect is “valued” with “the technology, the context and the appropriate material”. What is not clear is whether the Arxiu that was being negotiated with the family will be included in this part.

In order to carry out the entire plan, Solé is aware that “a significant investment will be necessary”. For this reason, today, the executive is “considering” presenting the project to obtain financing through the European Next Generation funds. «The Metropol is a priority project. For this reason we have requested the technical report and, based on it, we will make decisions, ”says the councilor, who estimates that the first phase of the intervention in the enclosure could exceed 800,000 euros. “We will start as soon as possible. We cannot have cultural facilities in a poor state. I don’t know if I will see him as a councilor, but we have encountered such a disaster that if we manage to take a step forward in a year, we will have already won », she emphasizes.

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