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Tarragona opens a new festival dedicated to art in motion

On April 5, 6 and 7, Mèdol, Center d’Arts Contemporànies de Tarragona organizes Espais Inerts, the new festival of arts in motion. For three days, different unusual stages of the city will host dance and performance shows, with a program that will encourage dissident dance to street performances, passant pel cuplet or contortionism, among other disciplines.

Inert Spaces (by definition, spaces that cannot moure’s or saturate themselves because of their materials and that are activated based on the proposals that they present) poses in marxa indrets de la ciutat through artistic action, com the Mercat and the Plaça del Fòrum, located in the upper part of the city, the majestic Casa Castellarnau, the Teatre Magatzem and the ballroom and the terrace of Casa Canals, seu de Mèdol.

The first edition of Espais Inerts, an own production of Mèdol curated by the cultural manager Marta Oliveres, will include performances by well-known artists of the contemporary scenic heritage that relate to the environment and the movement of the cos, its artists who are able to influence the that they involve and that they have acted in Tarragona.

The programming of Espais Inerts

The choreographer and dancer Pere Faura will present the show “Firefighters with big hoses”, a piece that revisits the pornographic imagination as a choreographic practice. A masturbation and a striptease in the public is to become a spectator and a voyeur in a ruthless, sweaty and brutal reflection on the excitement and fiscality of the design. The ballerina, performer and choreographer Sònia Gómez will present “Bailarina”, a piece of dance devised and intended to be performed in an unexpected space, without light or a special terra. La peça reviews basic concepts with the roles between the spectator and the performer, or the new ways of production.

The actress and singer Glòria Ribera, one of the most famous representatives of the genre, will present “Parné”, a show that combines the song and the magazine, and that pays homage to the essence of Paral·lel Barceloní with a gaze contemporània and a claim contingut. A musical collage of politics and glamor that vindicates life more in all establishments, with the genre and the norm are the pillars of a collection of consensual songs in the last hundred years.

The artist and creator Joan Català will present “Pelat”, a performance that aims to blur the boundaries between dance, circus and theater, and that evolves as a result of the interaction between the spectator. A dialogue between the home and the object that casts its gaze on the ancient feines and the ancestral techniques fetes a mà, sense mitjans tecnològics. Nico Baixas, l’home agreed with Cirque du Soleil, a multidisciplinary artist fascinated by the movement of the men -his second family was a titellaire-, will present “Handfluencer”, a performance recorded inside the Mercat del Fòrum from the memòria de l’espai, a lloc d’intercanvi i contacte.

Marga Socías, in the role of tourist guide, will offer the tour “Hole & Corner travel agency” through the Casa Castellarnau, an alternative guided visit to the majestic space on the search for the world axis, with a display of magical fiction and stories that pose a critical look at the fleshless forms of tourism. The route will follow the roads of the Part Alta of Tarragona in order to arrive at Casa Canals, with the end being hi haurà un segon passi, ara en llum de dia, by Sònia Gómez.

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