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Tarragona nurtures Sabadell’s defense

The Nova Creu Alta always represents one of those fiefdoms in which one knows that one is going to go to suffer. There’s no more. There, if you want to make a profit, there is no place for comfort. A stadium that squeezes and that carries its Sabadell on wings. Probably no one would have believed that the harlequinades were going to go from the pot to fighting for promotion in a matter of months. Much of the responsibility for this turn is due to Pedro Munitis who revived the team since his arrival on the bench. He caught it in the relegation zone and now has it sixth, just one point out of the playoffs.

Much of this reaction is due to its retaining wall. A defense that has raised the bar and includes two players that Tarragona saw take their first steps with the ball. Aleix Coch and Guillem Molina. One is starting its career and the other is already beginning to see its end, but both are offering an extreme level of reliability.

Aleix Coch (Tarragona, 1991) has become the captain and the benchmark of the harlequin team. An authoritative voice inside and outside the locker room. He has already made 120 appearances with Sabadell and this year he has already accumulated 29 appearances. He has played almost everything and has only been substituted in one game.

His importance is paramount and he was one of those players who did not hesitate to take a step forward when his legs were shaking. After all, he is a footballer who has tasted the mud for many years and who owes Sabadell the opportunity to have been able to play in professional football. He does not forget that and therefore he defends those colors as if his life depended on it.

That is why the Nova Creu Alta is a more than respected figure. He has earned the label of idol with total deservedness and Nàstic knows that he has in him the figure of a poisoned host.

Guillem Molina (Valls, 2000) arrived at Sabadell this summer from a Valencia where he went through his quarry and with which he made his debut with the first team of Ché both in the First Division and in the Copa del Rey. The harlequin group decided to bet firmly on him as a piece for the present and future. It hasn’t taken long for Sabadell’s sports management to agree because the Vallense defender has been in the starting lineup on a more or less regular basis and in this last stretch of the season he already has five consecutive games in full. In fact, he scored the winning goal two days ago at the Nova Creu Alta against Sevilla Atlético.

A different case is that of a Ramon Folch who aimed to be an important piece, but who is not having the expected confidence. He began the season racking up three consecutive starts, but since then he has only added nine more minutes. He accumulates substitutions consecutively in a course that is not easy for a player who must remember that he came from professional football.

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