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Tarragona, much more than sun and beach

I am aware that I will not say or discover anything new when stating that the region of Tarragona has a good number of more or less hidden treasures, far from the main areas that congregate the vast majority of tourists who visit us. Yes, it is enough to go a few kilometers into the interior of this province to find yourself in the middle of bucolic landscapes in small rural towns that keep all their charm alive. This was what happened to me on Sunday, when I was invited to a wine estate in Vilabella owned by Oriol Pérez de Tudela – a great host, by the way – to enjoy two of the great pleasures of life, wine and literature. . It was really a pleasant day. Undoubtedly, in this, in addition to the pleasant company, the environment had a lot to do with it, a large green garden dotted with vineyards that transmitted an immense peace. Just a few kilometers from the city of Tarragona. Yes, it happens to me every time I visit one of our towns; I always end up recommending them to my friends, who come here in search of that sun that is so expensive to see in the Basque Country and who end up discovering with delight that Tarragona is much more than sun and beach. Much more.

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