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Tarragona goes from rain to strong wind alert

Civil Protection of the Generalitat has activated the alert of the Special Emergency Plan for wind risk in Catalonia (VENTCAT) due to the forecast of the Meteorological Service of Catalonia (SMC) of strong wind this morning in the regions of Barcelona and Tarragona.

According to the SMC, weather forecasts indicate that early in the morning, the wind will suddenly strengthen in the regions of Barcelona and Tarragona, especially in Alt Penedès and Baix Penedès. The geographical distribution of the phenomenon within the warned area will be extensive and the wind will blow from the west.

The storm is expected to subside throughout the afternoon.


Civil Protection recommends that municipalities pay special attention to urban furniture. In addition, great care is recommended when traveling and in outdoor leisure activities due to the possible fall of branches, trees and other structural elements.

At the time of the strongest gusts, avoid standing near closing walls or similar elements that could fall due to the effect of the wind.

At a general level, it is necessary to fix well or remove the objects that are outside (balconies, terraces,…) and can be displaced by the air. In urban areas, avoid standing near unstable scaffolding, fences or walls during gusts of wind.

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