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Tarragona campsites demand measures to mitigate noise pollution from the train

The Associació de Càmpings de Tarragona, represented by its vice-president Joan Anton, has demanded the application of solutions for noise pollution during the biannual congress on the world of acoustics Acusticat.

The congress, held between April 25 and 26 in Granollers, has hosted different presentations to encourage reflection and prevention of noise pollution and promote the collaboration of administrations with competences in the matter, the association reported in a statement this Wednesday. .

Anton participated in the presentation The acoustic impact of railway infrastructures in Catalan municipalitieswhere he exposed the problem of the 20 campsites affected by the third line of the train between Tarragona and Coma-ruga, which generate an impact of 232 million euros.

The agronomist from Igremap -the company in charge of measuring the noise level between Tarragona and Coma-ruga- Ignasi Grau explained “the obstacles” that prevent the execution of acoustic protection installation projects.

The researcher from the Acoustic Engineering Laboratory of the UPC Jordi Romeu presented the new technological solutions, and the vice president of the Associació de Càmpings de Tarragona insisted on the “need” to find solutions agreed between the municipalities, affected companies and Adif.

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