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Tarragona-born Joan Gual, finalist for a haute cuisine award

Chef Jesús Sánchez, owner of the Cenador de Amós restaurant in Cantabria, with three Michelin stars and three Repsol suns, will be the president of the jury that will choose the dish for the winner of the 10th Promises of Haute Cuisine Award from among the ten selected young finalist students from all over Spain next week. Joan Gual García from the CIPFP Benicarló de Castellón, but a native of Tarragona, is one of the candidates.

After passing several candidate selection phases throughout Spain, the finalists will have to demonstrate their culinary knowledge, skill and creativity next Tuesday in the kitchens of Le Cordon Bleu Madrid, through a demanding four-hour test. They will make their proposal for a dish, based on a series of common ingredients and techniques, to which free elaborations can be added to differentiate themselves from the rest of the participants and demonstrate their culinary skills.

The winner of the award will receive a scholarship valued at more than 23,000 euros to further their training in haute cuisine at the school based at the Francisco de Vitoria University. The second place winner will also have the opportunity to study a certificate valued at more than 8,500 euros and, finally, Le Cordon Bleu Madrid will reward the school of the first winner with 1,500 euros for its dedication and support throughout the process. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Promises Award, Le Cordon Bleu Madrid will reward each of the eight finalists who are not winners, with financial aid for the study valued at 2,000 euros.

«It is an opportunity for those future chefs who want to continue developing their knowledge in haute cuisine. After ten years of celebration, it is beginning to bear fruit with the first national awards given to several of our winners from past editions”, says Rosario Barrios, director of the Le Cordon Bleu Madrid School.

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