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Tàrraco a Taula: a quarter of a century with Roman cuisine as a source of inspiration

Garum pate; roast suckling pig with plums, toasted almonds and chard textures; squid with wild boar meatballs, and baked apple with cheese and honey. These are just some of the dishes that can be tried this year at Tàrraco a Taula, a contest that will take place from May 13 to 29, coinciding with the Tarraco Viva festival, and which is being celebrated this year.
And it is that, when Tarragona was only a candidate to be part of the World Heritage cities by UNESCO, this initiative was promoted, which in 2022 reaches its twenty-fifth edition. “We must boast of being a world reference in the Roman gastronomic reconstruction, offering a current vision of the cuisine of ancient Rome”, pointed out the president of the Associació Tàrraco a Taula, Carlos Segarra. As he pointed out, throughout this trajectory around 1,500 recipes have emerged, based on the products and even the preparation methods that could have been used in ancient Rome, and that in many cases were documented in the book De Re Coquinaria, of Apicius.

During the presentation of the conference, the mayor of Tarragona and president of the Municipal Tourist Board, Pau Ricomà, stressed that these “merge heritage and gastronomy, two very powerful elements of the city.” On this occasion, eleven establishments will participate, of which nine are restaurants, which will offer menus and dishes. These are El Terrat, which has been incorporated this year, El Llagut, Seasons, Ares, Balandra and Lola Bistro, as well as Cortijo, la Xarxa, Twins and Glops. Finally, the dessert will be in charge of the Pastisseria Velvet.

As a novelty, the incorporation of the DO Tarragona in the conference stands out, which will allow tasting some of the best wines of the territory. In this regard, Carlos Segarra highlighted that “these are wines that fit in with the philosophy of Tarraco a Taula, practically without intervention, natural, local and with native varieties.”

For its part, the director of the Tarraco Viva festival, Magí Seritjol, He valued the role of gastronomy as a “cultural fact of a very powerful supply”, which is accessed through the palate and smells. “Looking at the past helps us look at the future,” he said.

The Convivium
This year one of the most outstanding acts of this Tarraco a Taula is recovered, such as the Convivium, which due to the pandemic had to be suspended in the last two years. This will be held this Thursday the 5th at 8:30 p.m. in the Seminari cloister, where you can taste some of the dishes from this edition of Tàrraco a Taula, washed down with local wines and Ipso Facto beer, from the Twins brewery. Those interested can still make their reservations with an email to the address In this case, the price of the menu is 45 euros per person.
Coinciding with this 25th anniversary, people who want to open their mouths can consult the videos on YouTube in which four of the participating chefs show how they prepare some of the dishes. It can be accessed under the name Assaborim Tàrraco a Taula!. These constitute a new source of historical dissemination of the festival.

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