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Target 57 | Tarragona Newspaper

These are times of cabals in the world of football because every time the end of a season approaches, the shore is closer. Nàstic does not escape this tendency that all fans have of calculating the score they must reach to reach their goal. The mythical 42 points that are always said to give salvation in the First Division. Many times they are more or less, but the idea has become so widespread that permanence is always contemplated from this figure.

The grana team is involved in a voracious fight for permanence in which everything is yet to be decided. There are two dancing bills and 10 applicants to them. The fight is fierce and that is why assumptions take over the fans and the clubs themselves. Everyone wants to wrap up in a score at the end of the course that gives them the comfort of promotion. They don’t know for sure if they are getting it right, but it is a way of trying to manage a pressure that is felt on all four sides.

The locker room has a number between eyebrows. They trust that this will be enough to access the playoffs. They know that it is not easy to achieve, but that with it the aspirations of being in the promotion would multiply. 57 points is believed to be a score that can ensure the presence in the qualifying rounds of Galicia. It is only believed because in this category nothing can be taken for granted and above all in such an even classification in which each day winning is a martyrdom.

To reach 57 points you have to get more or less half of the points at stake. 8 out of 15. The challenge is demanding, but far from impossible. Three wins or two wins and two draws are the results that would take Nàstic to this figure.

The first thing that the club in general is clear about is that if they want to be in the playoffs they are going to have to achieve at least one victory away from the Nou Estadi. Leaving everything in the hands of draws is a risk factor that is preferred not to assume. It will not be easy to win, since three fiefdoms will be visited that cover three direct rivals. Sabadell, Albacete and Alcoyano. Tremendously complicated. Three finals in which there will be more than three points at stake. Even in the Carlos Belmonte you can play a direct ascent like the one that the La Mancha team is fighting with Andorra and Villarreal B.

The difficulty is maximum, but it is true that the team is competing much better in this second round and it is hoped that in these games of maximum tension the best version will be brought out.

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