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Surprising creatures in the London subsoil

Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar They wear black dresses, a llardoso xic and a pelt of esparracats, which seem to be made by a tailor of fa two segles. Together they had set fire to Troia and carried the black plague to Flanders. It wouldn’t be strange, keeping in mind that Vandemar felt debilitat pels àpats based on rates; The Marquis of Carabas it is guanya offering life and obtaining favors; the gate She is the lady who started this story and the one responsible for all the curses of a poor man, the Richard Mayhew. They are just a petite pinzellada of Neil Gaiman’s Creatures at Neverwhere, a story that will first be a BBC series and later a novel that the author will publish every year noranta del segle passat.

Neverwhere, just London I see the light now for the first cop in Catalan of the mà d’Dark Publisher. «One of the things that I am most excited about as a publishing house is to be able to recover classics and modern classics that have not been translated into Catalan. I Gaiman is a pending subject, since many of his seve works remain without a Catalan edition. Neverwhere n’era el millor exemple», he explains Roser Vales, editor of Obscura.

Unlike the boom of the series that is seen in l’actualitat, that of Neverwhere, of només sis capítols, will passar sense pena ni glòria. But there is no novel that, in Roser’s words, «if it is not the first work of urban fantasy written or molt menys, it is not one of the most representative and famous works, an authentic pillar of the subgenre. And this is the main reason why we have decided to publish-ho».

Magical or fantastic creatures, real or unreal, visible or invisible, star in this story by Gaiman (Hampshire. Regne Unit, 1960), in a divided London between Dalt and Baix. A detail is not minor, since if I saw in one of the two, they could not exist for the rest of the world. It is the cas de la Porta, els sicaris Croup i Vandemar, the Mestre Cuallarga or the Lord Rataparlaire. Why yes, the rates hi live in the London of Baix, tot i do not follow com ens imaginem. In all cases, with diu la Porta, «or vius in a lloc or vius a l’altre. Ningú no pot viure a tots dos mons».

Moltes are the readings of the novel·la d’ençà that is going to be published, face that everyone agrees that the món de Baix are those senseless, those desemparats i desposseïts that the rest of the society do not see… Or do not return . Gaiman ho corroborates the proleg of Neverwhere i Roser notes that «ja al primer capítol hi és molt present. Apart from this focus, but, from how Gaiman gives visibility to the invisible people, to me I also like the feeling of pertinence, of finding the lloc de cadascú and reconèixer on a vol fer la seva vida tot i that I did not follow the more comfortable path, more current or more well seen by the society», asserts the Roser. Malgrat les paraules de l’editora, maybe if someone asks Richard about his seves preferences, he would hauria rumiat a mica abans de respondre, face that maybe yes, he s’hauria endinsat in the London of Baix .

Neverwhere is a constant surprise, with wonderful characters that the reader will soon discover from a Richard. Això however, I will not say that the reader vulgui trobar-se’ls al mig del carrer una nit sense lluna.

«Neverwhere is one of the most representative and conegudes works, an authentic pillar of the subgenre» (Roser Vales)

The mateix Gaiman recognized the proleg who would be «per als adults the mateix that they had fet per me, how little he was, the meus llibres preferits, llibres com Alice to the country of the meravellesthe free ones of Narnia or the Magic d’Oz. I ho fa, com highlights the Roser, «amb un vocabulari molt i molt ric, tot i that does not employ an excessively ornate writing». L’editor of Obscura stands out, així mateix, the britànic’s talent, which is noteworthy in the fluïdesa of the text, «something that in our edition s’aconsegueix thanks to the translator’s feina, Lluís Delgado».

Tot i do not get to caure in humorous scenes per se, «Yes, I have a great ability to bring laughter and smiles to the reader, I have continued through itblack humor d’en Croup i el Vandemar, the occurrences of the Porta and the Marquès de Carabàs or the apparent incapacitation of Richard to understand the one who passes through history”, concluded Roser.

In all cases, it will be the reader who decides in quin London s’hi vol be trapped.

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