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In New, they are the result of a process that begins when a female egg is fertilized by a male sperm. L’òvul fecundat (zigot) evolves to phases of morula, blastula and gastrula; This cell multiplication (a biological work of art) is so important and delicate that it semblances of a miracle that will take place. Here there are no external teams available 24 hours a day to monitor incidents of coupling and operation, as NASA monitors the thousand-time couplings of the space ships, here everything is more simple, more automatic, more spontaneous, apparently. For això l’assistència mèdica és rellevant so much abans (genetics) com during (pregnancy), com en néixer (part) i lactància period (puerperi).

Genetics and heredity, but, I will not say that it stops, mare, avis, besavis, they remain solely responsible for alterations to embryos. Of great importance, too, is the quality of the environment, the customs and lifestyle of the family, and above all the physical and mental health of the parents (mother and father) who need to know how much they ingest or inhale with their own Behavior has a cabdal incident for the health of the swim. Thanks to scientific advances and techniques of proven preventive efficacy against malalties or alterations, applied quan cal i d’accord with the rules of deontological ethics, but the best way to avoid problems during cell divisions and gene apparatus is that the protagonists that they have keychains do not cause problems.

The initiative to accredit basic knowledge other than having fills is not cap simple. Science indicates that abans of sowing lime prepare bé lavors i terreny on es sembra. A paradox that is difficult to understand is that all you need is an accreditation of knowledge and skills, and, in exchange, for spawning a creature, there is no need. To help maintain and improve the prevention of illnesses and the promotion of the physical and mental health of parents. The investment of resources at the first levels of life, both in health and in education and civics, donates millions of fruits. The administrations and the haurien society will understand the saying attributed to Cicero (106-43 BC) «Ut sementem feceris, ita metes», «tal faràs, tal trobaràs».

After the infantessa, however, the determining factors of health change, since since adolescence each person is responsible for the severe decisions. The usefulness of having knowledge about the functioning of the thing and what it is to achieve better physical and mental health is of unappealable validity. It would be better to teach both cartoons from preschool children, which is on reason and common sense they have more opportunities to fix, since the brains are not infected by lies or contamination by evil obsessions. It would be a good business for everyone, ladies, to remember all the stages of life.

The initiative to accredit basic knowledge other than having fills is not cap xim-pleria. Science indicates that abans of planting lime prepare be les llavors and the land is planted

Medicine and disciplines that are related to animal and environmental health, do not belong to the group of exact sciences. All that is referred to life does not have invariable effects nor is it of universal homogeneous repercussion. First, because, tot i be bessones univitel·lines, not hi ha two idèntiques people, and nor trobarem two animals or two plants or two indrets calcats, face that ho sembli. Accordingly, because both the cause of an illness (etiology) and the mechanism by which the cause causes damage to health (pathogeny), behave differently in each living being. See here why the Hippocratic sentence applied by professionals with experience has been fortunate: «no hi has malalties, hi has malalts».

The perceptual system of each human being is of unique interpretation, feta mida. If the fossil homes that remain prenyats i paríssim, the human species has already become extinct fa dies. Contrary to what many people believe, men can withstand more pain and suffering, not because they feel intense men’s pain, but because they are different. Cal divulge, for example, that the gifts can use the two cerebral hemispheres simultaneously, and, in exchange, the men will fan one or the other but not the two now. Malgrat not tot son avantatges, potser per això quan les donen només is scratching the cap i, in change, els també is touching other llocs at a lower level.

In short, men and women have to assume the responsibility of following a healthy lifestyle, and we have not to be disbarred by physical and mental illnesses, thinking or believing that if emmalaltim ja ens they would cure them. Medicine has avançat molt, but it does not repair 100%. In order to insist on the importance of lifestyle, dissenyat atenent recommendations from health professionals who manage our clinical history. The environment and lifestyle are basics: menjar i beure el que ens va millor; physical exercise adapted to cadascú; night rest from set to vuit hores; have a calm conscience; help those who need it; escollir bé amb qui viure i les amistats; civisme to take care of the environment; Gaudir of life with joy and gratitude.

The attitude is more important than the diners, but now there is an obsession for a million years and for a month. «The objective is to discover a drug that allows avoiding ills associated with the envelliment. It is not a matter of life more, but of life more and amb salut”, declares Linda Partridge, director of the Max Plank Institute of Biology of the Environment, main person in charge of GeroProtect, financed by the European Union. For another band, multimillionaires with Bezos (Amazon), and Musk (Tesla, Twitter), are contracting the first few times to all the world to find a miracle pindola that aturi l’envelliment.

Cal remember an acudit on these matters: «Edelvira, thanks for pastís of 109 years, but you and jo what are we, coneguts, friends, lovers or what?» I can remember a song by Tonino Carotone: «È un mondo difficile, E vita intense, Felicità a momenti, E futuro incerto».

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