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Spain, second largest importer and third largest exporter of vaccines in the EU

Spain was the second country in the entire European Union (EU) that imported the most vaccines against covid-19 and the third that exported the most, both inside and outside the Twenty-seven, during the past year 2021, according to data published this Thursday by the Eurostat community statistical office.

In total, Spain was responsible for 21% of vaccine imports in the entire Union, only surpassed by Germany with 30%, while, on the other hand, it was also the third largest exporting country, with 11%. of the sales of all Member States, behind Belgium (61%) and, again, Germany (21%).

All these figures refer to the set of all commercial transactions produced, whether with countries inside or outside the EU, throughout the past year.

With regard, exclusively, to imports of vaccines from non-EU countries to all EU Member States, Eurostat indicates that, in total, these operations cost 7,800 million euros.

On the other hand, exports from the Twenty-seven to other States outside the Union, together, had a value of up to 20,100 million euros. Most of these non-EU exports went to Japan (21%), the United Kingdom (15%) and South Korea (6%), while the sum of all the African countries that purchase vaccines only accounted for 7% of the total. of European sales.

In terms of imports, almost two thirds of the vaccines that arrived from outside the EU to the Member States came from Switzerland (65%), followed by the United States (29%) and, a long way behind, also from China (3%). ) and South Africa (2%).

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