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Sortir viu de Mariupol. The symbol of the horror of war

The Sergei tea 60 years. He is from Mariupol, the capital of horror of this war. With so many people from the city, the Russian bombs are going to blow up the house. To him, ia tothom there. The city is going to turn into an inferno. Foc, bombes, mort i destrucció per tot arreu. Sense light, sense water, sense heating, sense coverage, sense menjar. He llavors he is going to run to take refuge in Azovstal, a steel plant that, by the way, had infinite tunnels that during the Soviet era were equipped with bunkers. Lots of great people, women and children, also with the destroyed marriages, they will continue the mateix camí. At the beginning of March, the factory’s bunkers were full of hundreds of Mariupol civilians who had lost all and had to take refuge from the bombs.

To the extent that the army is going to anar guanyant terreny, the military –the famous Battaló Azov, which deserves an article a banda– també s’hi van install. The Azovstal plant will become the bastion of Ukrainian resistance to a conquered «city». I, per tant, l’objectiu number of totes les ires russes.

The Sergei, with the remainder, is going to pass more than two months sota terra. Sense see the light of the sun. She ate once a day: pasta or bullit rice, whatever they could cook in a big pot they had. Hi there were about 50 people in each of the bunkers. Altogether, I don’t ho sap; hundreds. It is rented with the water that they could collect when it rains. I així, anar trying to pass the dies sense to die. Sense cap mena de comunicació amb l’exterior. He viure in a pou. Pitjor, why in the meantime, outside, the attacks did not cease. Als bunkers, the walls do not stop shaking at cap moment.

The only objective was to keep living and be able to get out of there. One day, mid-April, he is going to try. There had been no esclatat cap bomba from the matí and he was going to think that it was the moment. A cop out of the bunker, the soldiers are going to saturate:

-Are you boig? -li van dir-. Outside is full of tancs, mines and hi has snipers per tot arreu. It is not possible to sort if there is not a humanitarian corridor.

I will return cap dins. To continue waiting. I així she will arrive on May 2. He will notify quickly that he is prepared to sort. Amb ell, ho farien deu persones més. Hi there was a humanitarian corridor guaranteed by the UN and the Red Cross. They will create the plant accompanied by four soldiers who will check that you do not make explosions and that the road is safe. They are going to port fins to district 6 of Mariúpol. A cop there, the Ukrainian military are going to turn around when they are going to return to the plant. Ells van creuar caminont fins posar-se en mans de l’exèrcit rus. The soldats are going to agafar one per one and they are going to stay in a room. They go to fer photos for all the cantons, they go to take their fingerprints and they go to inspect things from dalt to baix. Look if they have ferides, mark the espatlla d’haver carregat arms or d’haver portat antibales armilla. They are also going to review the dits, to see if they have a hard time to have a disparate status.

Després d’això, the interrogatoris will arrive: who are they? what hi passava there to the bunker? Who has information about the military who are at the plant? I stayed for six hours. They will try to extract all the information that they can. Later they will try to make Russia cap anessin. Ell s’hi will deny. They are going to carry to a bus. He was tot socarrimat and nomé had two seients, but they will say that farien all the trajecte amb allò. They are going to separate a town on the Costat. The homes are going to leave the bus sleeping and they are going to bring their gifts. He thinks that they are going to sleep on the ground of a school, but he has just known that he is really going to spend there. L’endemà al matí will reprimand the trajecte, but in the opposite direction. Enlloc d’anar to Zaporizhia, fins will arrive in Donetsk. They were misleading because they could not donate information about the positions of the Russian army. They will spend another night on the bus. The next day they will arrive in the area under Ukrainian military control. Tothom ens applauds. Ho havien aconseguit. Havien escape from the horror of Mariupol.

He currently works at Catalunya Ràdio, for four years he has coordinated and directed ‘El matí de Catalunya Ràdio’. He has also worked for Televisió de Catalunya, ‘La Vanguardia’, TAC12 and Tarragona Ràdio. He is a professor at the Department of Communication at Pompeu Fabra University.

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