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Some planes more full of passengers in Reus than last year

The start of the summer campaign at Reus Airport, which took place the last weekend of March, left, according to Aena data, a total of 58 flights linked to commercial routes, all operated by Ryanair. With them, the airline moved 3,939 passengers. The average is 71 passengers per flight and is practically double that of the previous year, another positive figure for the first bars of a promising high season in Reus.

And it is that in 2021 the resumption of activity at the Reus aerodrome after the stoppage of the pandemic had been completed in June. That was, therefore, the first month of summer for last year. Taking it in its entirety –since tourism returned on the 1st–, it gave rise to up to 156 movements. All of them were also operated by Ryanair, which then transported the number of 6,359 passengers, an average of 40 per flight.

This year, beyond the generality, some connections have opened March with especially good figures. An example of this is Eindhoven: 826 passengers on the six flights that were made represent almost 138 people boarded per plane, taking into account that the capacity of the models and configurations with which Ryanai works is usually around 190 seats. .

Something similar has happened with the Burselas/Charleroi connection. On Gdansk (Poland), a route on which the Russian attack on Ukraine is expected to take its toll, the statistics recorded 164 passengers spread over two movements.

Recently, taxi drivers who come to provide service at the Airport told this newspaper that “we are very happy because it is very noticeable that a large number of people arrive and, since the beginning of the season, the planes have been quite full.” For Holy Week, the first in Covid, 155 flights were scheduled which, in the absence of the final balance, passed without incident.

It should be borne in mind, despite everything, that, although they are beginning to point to what can be consolidated as a trend, the figures available to Aena are still limited to the last days of March and cover a section that is too limited to draw solid conclusions. . In addition, it is possible that the 58 operations have included arrivals or departures of empty flights typical of the operation and that would affect the averages. At the end of the 2021 season, flight occupancy was only 40%, so everything indicates that improving results will not be too complicated.

The director of the Airport, Juan Crespo, appeared a few weeks ago before the media to announce the Airport’s goal of recovering one million passengers by 2022 despite Covid, the price of fuel and the pandemic. Crespo advanced, with all possible caution, the forecast that this will be “a very good summer season and the consolidation of the recovery.” The airlines that operate in Reus have put up for sale nearly 1,050,000 tickets for 33 routes with 23 destinations and six countries: Great Britain (covers 66% of the seats), Ireland (25%), the Netherlands, Belgium , Poland and Spain.

TUIFly joins Ryanair and Jet2

If Ryanair was in charge of opening the tourist campaign and, a few weeks later, Jet2 joined it, a third company joined Reus Airport yesterday. This is TUIFly, which will work, in principle, a single route with Brussels. The first TUIFly plane, which has already operated in the capital of Baix Camp on previous occasions, landed yesterday around 5:35 p.m.

The next to arrive will be TUI, another of the major airlines at the Airport, which should enter in mid-May with a dozen connections. Then, in June, it will be the turn of Air Nostrum, which will allow the continuity of domestic flights in Reus –recovered last year– through Reus-Palma.

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