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So far… so close | Tarragona Newspaper

This Nàstic does not have a playoff face. The truth is that he hasn’t had it in recent weeks because at the moment of truth he hasn’t brought out the necessary personality for a team that wants to be on top. He has failed on days that he should not fail and that have caused stumbling on days when it was foreseeable not to win to become a real drama. That is why Sabadell acted as judge.

The Nova Creu Alta was a scenario that perfectly reflected all the ills of Nàstic during this course, with the goal as endemic, and that took him a little further away from promotion. Just a little because the numbers say that the dream is within reach. They are different ways of looking at it. Some wrap themselves more in numbers and others in sensations, both are worth it.

The Grana team has been a team that if it is not fighting for the lead right now, it is because of its lack of goals. Perhaps it sounds too forceful and strict, but it is the reality. This Nàstic has had to live day to day with his little sense of smell in the final meters. The worst thing is that you cannot be accused of a team that has not had chances throughout the games. He has had them, but he has not marked them. There have been meetings like the one in Sabadell that have been directly exasperating. You can have more, but not lighter.

This was not the first time that it happened during the season, since there have been many games in which Raül Agné’s men have forgiven and have ended up paying dearly. Football has unwritten laws and this is one of them: if you forgive, you pay.

When you don’t score, you put the game on a dead end. El Nàstic has often known how to live in this ecosystem, especially at home, but outside of this context it has not helped him to add three by three. When the rivals have marked him, they have directly knocked him out. He passed against Sabadell that when he hit he first left him on the canvas. The team had great chances to equalize, but it is impossible that psychologically a goal against a team that knows that he needs too much to score.

The lack of goals is one of the strongest arguments that exist to proclaim that this Nàstic will not be in the playoffs. However, the math says otherwise. Sometimes with numbers change sensations. It is true that this Nàstic is on a losing streak at the decisive moment. In fact, he has only added five of the last fifteen points. This is insufficient loot to reach promotion.

The dream, two points

However, the playoff is still within reach. Despite the fact that so little has been added, the rest of the teams are not being scoring machines. The fight goes from 4th to 12th and that opens a huge window of possibilities. There are four games left and 12 points at stake and best of all, Nàstic is only two points away from promotion. The distance is small, very salvageable.

This is the main pillar to glimpse optimism on the horizon. The math says that the maroon set has the target in sight and doesn’t even need a miracle because two points behind is just a small bite. There are other factors in which to shelter for hope such as the defensive quality of the team and its face in the Nou Estadi. You will need both to achieve the dream. Today it looks far away because the team does not have good feelings, but in football everything changes a victory and that has to come against Linense. So far, so close.

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