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Silva Editorial presents the seven novelties for this Sant Jordi

Silva Editorial presents enguany 30 llibres nous per Sant Jordi, which represents maintaining the level of publication in relation to the festa de l’any passat. D’aquests nous títols, 18 son d’assaig, 16 narrative, 4 poetry, 1 children’s story and 1 theatre. These literary novelties are presented at multiple presentations and they come to bookstores and walls.

This editorial tea seu social to the city of Tarragona. It is a brand created by the communication company Nou Silva Equips, in 2000, for books and audiovisual products and is directed by the philosopher and journalist Manuel Rivera.

The seu nom is etymologically related to the Latin paraula “Silva” which means forest and now with a poetic metrical form.

Silva Editorial is characterized by: being close to authors, authors and the public, publishing first works, and being diverse in terms of genres (poetry, narrative, research and dissemination, theater, children’s books, etc.).

I also collaborate with other services of publications and entities that have been enguaned by the Center for Studies of Altafulla, the Historical Archive of Tarragona, the City Council of Constantí and the Fundació Privada Mútua Catalana.

Among the extensive and intense trajectory, it is worth highlighting the publication of 550 titles, mainly in Catalan and Spanish.

Assaig and disclosure

Assaig. Ester Forgas Berdet. Of the word and its social value. Silva Publisher. 476 pages. 20 euros

A book that sums up the research articles by Professor Ester Forgas on the social value of language and language. With a special emphasis on the discriminatory sexism of many linguistic authorities.

Assaig. Joseph Maria Sanet. The service to the Navy. Silva Publisher. 70 pages. 10 euros

The author, Josep Maria Sanet, continues his studies of maritime history based on the research in the archive. In these cases, the redemption of penises was exchanged for service to the Navy.

Assaig. Salvador-J. Rovira i Gomez. Bourbon Tarragona (1713-1811). Silva Publisher. 130 pages. 15 euros

The history of Tarragona since July 14, 1713, when the city fell to the troops of Felip V, on the first days of May 1808, during the French War.

Assaig. Salvador Caamano. Tarragona, 1936. Terror in the rearguard. Silva Publisher. 254 pages. 15 euros

An exhaustive investigation into the religious persecution and crimes between July 1936 and May 1937 by the revolutionary committees and the militia patrols of the Popular Front.

Disclosure. Various authors. Maria Poch Constantí’s kitchen. Silva Publisher. 142 pages. 20 euros

A hardcover book in deluxe format, both great photographs, about cooking based on the cycle of l’olivera i l’oli, both a road with a conductor.

Assaig. Martin Pineda. Pierre and Marie Curie. Silva Publisher. 266 pages. 15 euros

Two Alfred Nobel prizes and marriage were prominent in the fields of physics and chemistry. An example of coexistence and civic example. The first great biography in Catalan of this parella.


Novel the. Ricard Garcia Jardi. Post Office Box 139. Silva Publisher. 154 pages. 15 euros

A book that sweeps the epistolary genre with the narrative itself. A most human story, with a carter, l’avi de l’autor, com a protagonist.

Novel the. Alex Saldana. you sold your soul. Silva Publisher. 214 pages. 15 euros

Novel·la negra però set in a town in l’Espanya buida. A Tarragoni advocat marxa a viure a un poblet petit, in search of tranquillity, and his life changes. A crim that fa sospitar of tothom. A novel·la plena d’action and psychology.

Novel the. Josep Girones. Fugida pel camí dels Morts. Silva Publisher. 174 pages. 15 euros

Novel·la that goes from the Civil War to the current times, set in two scenes proper to the author, Vila-seca and La Fatarella. The life of a young man and the evolution of society run parallel.

Novel the. Ferruz Baselga. Ric Falcon. Silva Publisher. 500 pages. 20 euros

A series of short novels, combined in a single volume, of the black genre, with a cosmopolitan detective, Ric Falcón, confronts particular and global problems.

Novel the. Joseph Llop. The test of the Netherlands-. Silva Publisher. 150 pages 15 euros

A historical novel based on real fes, from a Dutch nissaga in Catalonia before the War of Succession, els Kies.

Humorous narrative. Domenec Miquel. the meva bible. Silva Editorial, 264 pages. 15 euros

The meva Bible. Anècdotes del Senyor are petites històries about an omniscient personage sharing wisdom, justice, humor. Everyday life feta literature.

Count. Marybell Zamora. The antics of the angel. Silva Publisher. 128 pages. 15 euros

Various contes molt literaris, in which the absurdity of everyday life predominates.

children’s count

Illustrated children’s story. Antonia Sabater. The counts of dimecres. Silva Publisher. 50 pages. 15 euros

Uns contes explicats per una àvia al seu net, amb unes il·lustracions extraordinary. Contes, endevinalles, fantasy, they are served.


Theater. Francesc Valls and Pep Alcanyiz. Klezmer station. Silva Publisher. 108 pages. 15 euros

Theater and musical experience about Moshe Ha-Elion, survivor of four extermination camps, remembers the dear Rebeca. In a train station, her testimony to her with the love, the pain, the enginy, the cleverness and the humor of klezmer music amb a compelling narrative.


Poetry. Mary Bosch. The center where it beats. Silva Publisher. 92 pages. 10 euros

The expressa i s’expressa poet. Predominate the existential and loving assumptes. It is as important who is spoken or written as who is suspected.

Poetry. Núria Serret Tarruella. Jo, alone i les meves nits. Silva Publisher. 70 pages. 10 euros

Correspondence between external and internal landscape. A song of sol·litude. Authentic poetry in vers lliure.

Poetry. Antonio de la Orza Tortosa. Poet for hire. Silva Publisher. 70 pages. 12 euros

After the Poet of the terrace, Antonio de la Orza brings together a series of texts interrupted by the pandemic as well as great literature as a reference, as a mystery, as contradictions and as many aforisms

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