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Silence launches the first motorcycle with removable battery and payment for use in Europe

Silence once again breaks molds and anticipates the future. The Spanish brand has officially started the marketing of its electric motorcycles with a payment method for battery use by subscription. It is a pioneering business model in the two-wheel sector – the first to be launched in Europe – which allows the customer to reduce the purchase price of the vehicle and adapt it to the use made of it.

Until now, the automotive and motorcycle industries have fully marketed their products. From this moment on, a new path opens up: acquiring the motorcycle on the one hand, which will be owned by the buyer, while the battery will remain Silence’s.

In this way, the public will be able to enjoy all the advantages of a Silence, but for less than the cost of an equivalent petrol model right out of the box. For example, the Silence S01 – the best-selling electric motorcycle in Spain in 2021 – with the Battery as a Service (BaaS) program and the 1,100-euro discount of the Moves III Plan will only cost 2,750 euros (more than 1,000 euros less than a of comparable combustion). At this price, you only have to add the subscription fee of 15 euros per month, which includes two complete charging cycles per month (which allows you to travel about 200 kilometers). Each additional charge cycle will cost 5 euros.

“We want to compete with the most successful combustion bikes and now, for the first time, we can do it at a lower price. Also, at Silence we wanted to have a system that would save the user reloading time. We have created the gas station of a future that for us is already the present, with the difference that what is refueled will not be gasoline, but the battery itself”, explains Carlos Sotelo, CEO of Silence.

Carlos Ferreras, Silence’s commercial director, assures that “with the pay-per-use system under subscription, that price barrier disappears for the customer. In addition, the user can not worry about the obsolescence of the battery, because they will always have one in perfect working order. We believe that with this system our sales in Spain will grow enormously, as we will compete directly with gasoline scooters, which represent almost 60% of the motorcycle market”.

The other great novelty that Silence has already launched is the Battery Station. Customers who opt for the purchase system of the motorcycle with the battery by subscription will be able to change it when they need it (generally when they have consumed part of the autonomy provided by a charging cycle). The operation is very simple and fast. To do this, they will only have to go to the exchange points that the company is creating in Spain. The first to be operational is in the center of Barcelona, ​​but in the coming months new points will be launched throughout the Silence national distribution network. The next one will be Madrid and, in addition to the network itself, it will have other public and private spaces, as will be the case of some public car parks of B:SM, a project that is being worked on.

“We plan to have between 5 and 10 battery exchangers in both Barcelona and Madrid, two areas that concentrate 40% of the Spanish motorcycle market. These recharging points will initially be in Silence dealers, but we are also talking with gas stations and other private and municipally owned locations to distribute the locations in different areas”, says Pepe Martí, Silence BaaS project manager.

According to Ico Sotelo, IT director and head of connectivity at Silence, customers will be able to manage battery charges and changes with the new my Silence app: “We have developed an application with all the necessary functionalities to manage motorcycle recharges and changes battery from a mobile phone. With it, the user can see his consumption and where he has the closest charged battery to reserve it and go to change it. We are very proud that all the technology, the connectivity system and the R&D have been developed in Barcelona by Silence”.

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