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Sergio Bursa and Pablo Burdeos triumph at El Vendrell Pàdel Club

Sergio Bursa and Pablo Burdeos won the title of absolute champions of the Open Head of the Federació Catalana de Pàdel played at El Vendrell Pàdel Club.

In the final of the 1st men’s category, Bordeaux and Bursa, who achieved victory at home, beat Rafa Rosell and Joel Climent by a clear 6-0 and 6-1.

In the semifinals the champions had defeated Eric Mata and Albert Viñas by 6/0 and 7/6 while Rosell and Climent did the same with Lucas Casella and Maxi Cejas by 6/7, 6/0 and 6/1.

In the Women’s Third Division, Maica Úbeda and Eli Navarro won the title by beating Lau Ordoñez and Lourdes Ruiz 6-2 and 6-1.

In the Men’s Third Division, David Sabaté and Gastón Elías were victorious, 6-3 and 6-0 against David Fallaras and Guillem Giménez; and in the men’s fourth, Ian Ribas and Cristian Muñoz won 6-3 and 6-2 against Pepe Royes and Santi Talavera.

This week the Head Players tournament takes over, which will be played at the Tarragona Pàdel Indoor (TPI).

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