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Scholarships to eleven universities to study abroad

Help the university students of the Alt Camp to finance their studies to the foreigner. Both this philosophy was born in 2004 les Europa Scholarships, awarded by the Fundació Ciutat de Valls. Here is the legend of the 17th edition, which corresponds to the 2010-2021 academic year, with 11 young people who have benefited from these adjustments. There, only four will be present while the rest study or work in other countries. The scholarship amounts to 150 euros for each month of stay abroad and ends at a maximum of six months.

The mayor, Dolors Farré, highlighted the importance of the students to travel to the foreigner because això means «to broaden horizons». She congratulates the guardonats “for deciding to expand horizons and grow with people.” The vice-president of the Ciutat de Valls Foundation, Jordi Paris, highlighted that in these 17 years, 259 students – from 21 of the 23 municipalities in the region – have benefited from scholarships, which have been awarded to 32 countries, for a global amount of 220,000 euros. They have studied in various countries, such as France, Great Britain, Italy, USA, Sweden or Germany. The 11 awards in this edition have involved 57 months and an endowment of 8,550 euros. Paris remembers that initially, in 1949, the scholarships from the Foundation were for university students who went back to study at the Tarragona Seminary and that in 2004 it was going to be reprimanded for going to study in Europe – it’s all over the world. And he highlighted that in the academic course 2021-22 there are 25 scholarship students.

Júlia Mestres, a student at the URV, on behalf of the scholarships, recalled that August 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, was going to march in the Swedish city of Goteborg. «I have always believed important veure com fan les coses outside de casa», she will say, at the time that she valued very positively that the Fundació Ciutat de Valls and the companies «apostin per nosaltres». In a sentit semblant, the president of the Comarcal Council of l’Alt Camp, Mateu Montserrat, posed èmfasi in the fet that the Fundació treballi «pel futur de la comarca» will award scholarships.

The rector of the URV, María José Figueras, is proud because most of the scholarships are from the seva universitat. She applauded the initiative “because not all the municipalities – she is referring to the largest ones – fan the accompaniment tavern to the university”, at the same time that she recognized that the goal of choosing to study abroad is an experience « enriching, it is an adventure». She els encoratjà, but, to return, «we need an urgent generational filling to our university.

Finally, Gemma Geis, Minister of Research and Universities, explained the seva student experience to the stranger. She will recognize that she has not invested more in her department and that the companies are becoming patrons.

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