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Scare in the Salou Civil Guard: destroy the car a few meters from the barracks

A destroyed BMW a few meters from the Salou Civil Guard barracks was able to trigger all possible alarms given the level of terrorist alert that is still in force in Spain.

However, there was no intention to attack the Meritorious. It was only a traffic accident conditioned by alcohol and high speed. The result was a smashed BMW, three people slightly injured (treated at the CAP) and a palm tree affected after absorbing part of the onslaught of the vehicle, which could perfectly touch 100 km/h in a section whose maximum speed should not exceed 30 km/h

Sources from the Salou Local Police have confirmed that what happened on Saturday around 7 in the morning was a traffic accident involving a car on Ciutat de Reus street. The vehicle was with three occupants, the driver of which tested positive for alcohol.

The impact activated the patrols of the Local Police and also of the Benemérita that reside in the barracks, as well as SEM ambulances. After verifying that the occupants were aware, the Local Police carried out the report of the incident and denounced the driver for being the alleged perpetrator of a crime against traffic safety.

The car, totally destroyed and the airbags activated, left a prolonged braking on the asphalt that ended with the vehicle embedded in the palm tree. After transferring the injured to the CAP and writing the report, the crane was activated to remove the car (or what was left of it) from Ciutat de Reus street.

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