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Sant Jordi amb stony | Tarragona Newspaper

Sant Jordi, tip i fastiguejat de tots nosaltres, is going to send to the cap i casal de Catalunya (personal exile massa llarg d’explain) one day rúfol abastament announced pels homes of the temps. Cops violents de vent, llamps, trons, aigua i pedra are going to bring down that dyad that they so long await amb delit a casa nostra els del món del llibre.

Unfortunately, with the sun passing, the righteous will pay for sinners. The petites i independents publishers, also because of the seva minsa força econòmica, will be the ones that will rebre de valent i van perdre bous i esquelles en la tempesta (altrament, habitual, in this day).

As an example, the publisher of Martorell, Adesiara, which has an excellent catalog and of which it is the loyal buyer of a large part of the seven novelties, has lost thousands of euros in the deficit.

Tanmateix, their books do not supply, nor will they sort more in the ranking of the most venuts per Sant Jordi. To publish Suetoni, Dant, Ovidi, Stendhal, Shelley, Ruyra, Poe or so many other essential authors is, I see, not enough to compte.

Aleshores of what parlem quan parlem of Sant Jordi? In the future, those who read news reports or watch news videos will think that the Catalans of the 20th and 21st centuries are an extraordinarily cultured people. Doncs, miri, no. We are more aviat a people who did not arrive mai, i els quatre que ho fem, potser vora la meitat no te comprehenda reader. Neither legim llibres (només només·les, most of which are darreramente appalling) nor legim electoral programs that are the base per passar comptes als useless politicians that vote. Allò of the democracy that n’hi has so many that n’omplen the mouth, you know?

Sant Jordi is a hypocritical pseudofesta. If you finish all the roses they arrive frozen from the fifth fork. Neither fan cap flaire nor s’han cultivat a casa nostra. The four that in tenien will have to fold because they don’t know how to hold on to life. We all know why.

Tot plegat is a big scam. I have the cas d’un dels il·lustres «triomfadors» of the day, a conegut presenter of capvespre. First: as the most venut free, do we know the exact number of copies that this gentleman has sent? Not in traureu mai l’aigua clara, not cal que hi patiu. I face more: when the famous journalist wins the prize that is the name of a writer who is also going to be a spy, no one does not explain how the presenter, in person, tricks a literary agent (home or dona, so much is worth the nom) is present, i li explains that he will win the prize of the nit de Reis dotat amb 6,000 euros, amb an original that ja tea enllestit. It turns out that l’agent literari was not the person adient per a fer la feina; Tot i això he li diu the contact of the person who carries these awards and the famous presenter, sense ficar-se cap pedra al fetge, fa les gestions que calen per tal d’obtainar salvado i vet here que ja tenim l’autor more venut. And as we explain how it will be, he faces that he does not like or demoralize who he is presenting at the literary contests. So much is the quality of the free award. The question is: how many good writers, if they have the luck to publish, will not even get the benefit of a person who has a safe job, paid both by our taxes and who has daily advertising and presence on the most watched television? from the country? I si només fos aquest premi, rai. The great farce is that all the literary prizes relevant to the job are at hand, with the exceptions that are publicized.

I have had the chance and the privilege of participating as a juror in an extraordinary literary prize that unfortunately has disappeared: the Jocs Florals de Torroja del Priorat. They were some of the darrers Jocs Florals with lime that is feien to Catalonia and that they have lost due to the cultural deixadesa existing in the country. I was able to ensure that all the originals arrived. Disconnect who the authors are, and just look at the literary quality. Això yes, the economic quantity was more aviat justeta. Potser per aquest motiu, encara es podien fer les coses amb honestedat. This is the culture we had. The remainder, tot és fum. Malgrat tot, passat sant Jordi, remember to enter next week and the month that goes to the libraries to follow the consell d’Horaci.

Journalist and eccentric writer
Fill of Vilallonga del Camp, vila sota l’advocació de sant Martí i sant Abdon i sant Senén. Sant Martí was the patron saint of Catalonia as much as Sant Jordi, but, as in most things in life, in Això they are also modest. As a patron of the poor, those who dedicate themselves to the noble art of writing, we cannot have a better defender, tret, it is clear, that you do not supply television.

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