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Sandcastles in El Vendrell for every child murdered in Ukraine

At the end of March there were 160 children killed in the war in Ukraine. But a few days ago the figure exceeded 200.

In memory of the dead children, the Ukrainians sheltered in El Vendrell have made a symbolic tribute to these victims this Sunday.

On the sand of Sant Salvador beach They have built sand castles. Some more elaborate, others simpler, others higher. “All different, like each one of those children”explain the Ukrainians who have built those sand castles in his memory.

They explain that “for Ukrainian children one of the expected events of the year is a trip to the sea. At least 205 of those children will never make that trip.”

The action has been charged with emotion. each of the castles represented a child. Like on that trip to the sea. Some names and wishes for peace have been written on the sand and with shells.

this weekend too celebrated ukrainian orthodox easter

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