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Sandbags to protect the Altafulla restaurant damaged by the storm

The Voramar Cal Vitali restaurant will reopen its doors this Saturday, just a week after one of the terraces facing the sea gave way due to the absence of sand on its foundations.

The constant loss of sand on the ground floor of this construction –as a result of more than 40 consecutive days of storms– returned to the present the legality of this terrace, which was located in a coastal area where it cannot be built according to the law.

The collapsed terrace (it had been evacuated as a precaution before it gave way and this prevented any injured clients) was raised without a solid foundation. Only with the compaction of the sand. The Law of Coasts, of 1988, established the new public and private delimitation of the coast; and this terrace was within the land-maritime easement zone, pending regularization that was never activated.

The Altafulla City Council has authorized these days an urgent action in front of the Cal Vitali building to prevent the situation from getting worse. This provisional action is of a particular nature, recalls Mayor Jordi Molinera. The municipal permit, with the technical supervision of the State Coast Service, is done to prevent the sea, in the event of a new wave due to a storm, from weakening the foundations of a historic building and causing the damage to be greater and irreversible.

The owner of Cal Vitali appreciates the gesture and Costas awaits a project in accordance with the law

The action was activated this Thursday so that the restaurant can return to normal today, both inside the building and on the terrace that overlooks the Voramar park. The owner, Xavier Nicolás, appreciates the speed shown by the council in being able to act quickly and protect the building.

The work carried out at Cal Vitali involves placing a double row of sandbags with a capacity of one cubic meter each. These bags moved by an excavator form two rows, the one that rests on the foundations of the building and the one that minimizes the impact of the waves.

The action is provisional and should be completed in the coming weeks. On the one hand, the Coastal Service must analyze what measures are applied to the beach to recover its natural extension and on the other, the owner of Cal Vitali and the owner of the restaurant must make a decision on how to protect the building and if the terrace that was above the sand.

In any case, sources from the State Coast Service recall that with the Law in hand, the project that the holders must present must comply with the regulations and the terrace that gave way on Saturday will not be possible if it does not comply with the p

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