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Run over a 2-meter alligator in Florida and drive without stopping until you report a breakdown

A tourist in Florida ran over an alligator more than two meters long with his car, which was embedded in the underside of the vehicle, but for fear that he was still alive, he continued driving as much as he could before warning of a “malfunction”. “, as reported this Sunday by a Miami newspaper.

The events took place on April 17 on a highway that crosses South Florida from coast to coast and passes through the Everglades, a huge wetland populated by alligators and pythons, among other fauna, but they have now been revealed by the driver of the crane company that served the tourist, according to the newspaper The New Herald.

Joshua Schroeder was not told what the problem was with the vehicle that he had to tow in the middle of the night and he only found out when he arrived at the scene and found the car and a terrified tourist, who has only been told that he lives in New York .

“I got to the scene and when I looked out the back window of the truck I realized I couldn’t see one of the car’s wheels,” the tow truck driver for the United States Transport Towing & Recovery company told the Miami newspaper. When he got out of the truck, he saw a seven-foot (2.1-meter) alligator caught in the wheel. “It was so embedded that I had to tow the vehicle with the alligator still trapped under it,” he said.

It is assumed that by then the reptile was no longer alive.

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