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Rugby included by ebrencs centers of special education

Integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect. These are some of the values ​​that are going to work there at the matí during the first rugby match included in Terres de l’Ebre, organized by the Center for Special Education Sant Jordi, of the Provincial Council of Tarragona in the town of Jesús, Tortosa.

Some fifty students from different special education centers in the Ebrenque counties hid go on to take part, tot posant to state that rugby is an inclusive sport, with all the people hi they have a head, regardless of the severe characteristics.
The Verge de la Cinta school in Tortosa, the Àngel d’Amposta school and the CEE Sant Jordi of the Diputació are going to pose in practice the ribbon rugby anomaly, a fun way to get started in the practice of this sport .

After the joc, the meeting will end with the “third temps”, a space that favors the relationship and coexistence between all the participants. Tots are going to spend a fun and very active day at the Jesús camp.

The SantJordi special education center of the Diputació de Tarragona a Jesús has been promoting the practice of rugby for two years, including among students, teachers and their families.

Of course, this project, only the name «Iguals amb un esport diferent» is a candidate for the fortnight edition of the Federico Mayor Zaragoza Awards, which will be held on May 21 in Tortosa.

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