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Rubiales: “I am outraged by all the falsehoods that are being spread”

The president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, expressed this Wednesday his “great indignation at all the falsehoods that are being spread” and has assured that what was published by El Confidencial about the contract to play the Super Cup in Arabia Saudi “is out of date.”

“Many things have been said and few or none are true. The Federation’s management is clear, transparent, clean, honest and above all beneficial for Spanish football. The Federation has not paid, nor does it pay, nor will it pay anyone for this operation, we are talking about 400 million euros for Spanish football”, he stated.

Rubiales, who appears this Wednesday at a press conference to address the controversy generated by the contracts signed with Saudi Arabia, has shown “significant anger because this is being given priority” and not because they have “illegally stolen information from the telephone”.

“Everything that has been done has been communicated; this scoop of a contract is out of date; the contract that has been published for 3 years plus 3 is no longer operational because in the last Assembly of 2020 a new relationship was approved that is going to be of 10 years, which allows Arabia to pay 40 million without even going to play there, in Andalusia and that allowed the survival of many clubs. A previous contract appears that is no longer in force, this is the scoop of this media ” , has added.

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