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Roda students create a decal of actions to combat climate change

This time around twenty third-year ESO students from the Roda de Berà Institute have praised Mayor Pere Virgili and Rosana Dorantes, Councilor for Education, with the decàleg to combat climate change. Together with the seva professor Xiana Laviana, they and the young people are going to write this set of norms and thematic actions to fight against climate change.

The alumnat has arrived at the Plaça de l’Ajuntament with banners with different slogans: “to future generations, forgive us because we did know who we were”, “aware of home”, “Roda verda” or “not a single degree més, not a menys species”. Un per un han anat llegint cadascuna de les normes sobre els diferents eixos temàtics.

Quant to the mobility They demand to leave the cotxe at home and contribute to a more ecological mobility through the bicycle, the skateboard, and for this they demand that it is to create more bike lanes and bet on public transport.

pel que fa a the energy the young man assures that it is the moment of fer “the country caps renewable energies in all aspects” and that the governments fomentin l’autoconsum. Also, the city hall changed the public lighting for low consumption pumps, a transition that the Government team is going to initiate at times to all the municipality with the plan to renew the public lighting.

Regarding the consume, the decàleg criticizes the programmed obsolescence and demands that it is doni more life to the products, as well as markets of the second more and more citizen awareness. The students of the Institute also appeal to the responsibility of the families to supply energy and water to the home, and that the governments reward the bon ús d’aquestes.

Quant als residuesthe subscribing decal that generates the minimums, encourages companies that generate little waste and poses in marxa campaigns that promote the purchase of food in bulk without packaging.

pel que fa a the food The young man also demands campaigns to reduce the consumption of meat, which is encouraged by extensive branching and which encouraged the purchase in nearby botigues.

The set point refers to the education, in addition to which it is necessary to promote the renaturalization of school grounds, at primary and secondary level, to reduce climate change, promoting ecological school gardens at all schools and institutions. Also volen que es facin más xerrades i es duguin más projects als centers educatius per raise awareness about climate change.

Finally, l’alumnat vol que es renaturalitzin the beaches, do not keep posidònia fulles, prohibiting anchoring in protected areas and removing invasive species. They also claim that it is facin”tree plantations communities and community composting”.

In finishing, the mayor has addressed some paragraphs to the youth assuring them that “they will be happy to compte these points, they will pose on the table and they will study. Malauradament, some of them, how much you have to govern, will be faced per fer, because most of them depend on the superior administrations. Tanmateix, this is the path that we have to follow; Thank you very much for reminding us that we have to cry for leaving a million people for our fills and some million fills for our lives”, said Pere Virgili.

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