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Ricomà: “Opening on Sundays is a cultural change”

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That Tarragona’s shops open their doors every Sunday and on summer holidays is a matter of the city. That is why the mayor of Tarragona, Pau Ricomà, wanted to speak out in respect. Ricomà does not rule out carrying out the proposal, but before him nothing assures that in order to implement the measure it will be necessary “a broad consensus on the part of the different commercial associations and the representative unions of the sector”. In addition, the mayor asks that the initiative “do not leave labor rights out of this equation.”

Ricomà thus reacts to the proposal that some commercial agents in the city have been working on for months, such as the Chamber of Commerce and Pimec Comerç, who are immersed in the search for an agreement between the entire sector so that Tarragona’s commerce opens its doors every on summer Sundays, from June 15 to September 15. The proposal is practically the same as the one that Barcelona processed a few months ago and that was successful for the promoters.

The opinion of both the government team and the opposition parties is key, taking into account that the initiative will reach the municipal plenary session and the councilors will have to vote on it. Of course, the last word will be from the General Directorate of Commerce of the Generalitat, the competent body in these cases.

Currently, all shops of up to 300 square meters can open on public holidays except for certain specific days. «The approach proposed by the trade table is based on the hypothesis that, being able to systematically and regularly open all shops, even those of more than 300 square meters, an attractive capacity would be generated that would help improve the health of the whole of the commerce, small included”, says the mayor.

Ricomà concludes: “The question is not futile, because it represents a real cultural change and small businesses are being asked to change their traditional position, which surely requires studies and projections for the future so that the good intentions expressed by part of the commercial sector are widely assumed’.

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