Ricomà: “Boscos’ consultation has no validity or legitimacy”

After the Generalitat and the Federació de Veïns de Llevant, yesterday it was the mayor of Tarragona –Pau Ricomà (ERC)– who raised his voice against the consultation carried out last Saturday by the residents of Boscos with the question «Do I agree that the Ciutat de Repòs i Vacances can receive, integrate, supervise and train minors with a psycho-social risk factor? In the opinion of the highest municipal representative, the referendum – which was closed with 95% of votes against the youth hostel specialized in emotional health projected by Drets Socials – “has no validity or legitimacy”, since “it did not have any formality no census.” “Should we believe that all the voters were from there?” asked Ricomà, who explained that “there was also no intervener who was not on the side.”

Despite the fact that 647 of the 677 voters endorsed opposition to the Government’s plan, which involves an investment of more than 15 million euros, the mayor is clear that the announced hostel “will not back down” because “it will be good for the city”, stating that “I am delighted that young people who may have problems of anorexia, gambling addictions or lack of self-esteem can come to the city on vacation”. The ERC leader completely denied having assured in December 2019 by videoconference that there would be a center for ores in the Ciutat de Repòs, according to the president of the Associació de Veïns de Boscos. “This is absolutely false. In December 2019 we still did not know about the project nor did we hold meetings electronically, ”adds the Republican leader.

Likewise, Ricomà recalled that, on March 23, the Boscos association, with its president at the helm, «went with the rest of the neighborhood entities and the neighborhood federations to the meeting at the Town Hall with myself and the Generalitat. And when they left they affirmed to be calmer with the explanations of the project». Despite this, in the end they promoted a consultation “in which there has been a lot of pressure, both public and through social networks, with speeches that do not help coexistence.”

Regarding the possible mobilizations announced if the project is not renegotiated, the mayor indicates that “I would respect them if they were based on things that are true, but this is not the case because it focuses on a false assumption and on a possibility that has never existed.”

Finally, Ricomà acknowledges being “especially hurt” by the statements of the opposition parties. «Beyond going to look for two votes, what we must do is close ranks among all and not politicize a city project. We never criticized the fact that in the previous mandate the councilor Josep Maria Milà was opposed to it being a hotel space”, and appealed to the members of the municipal plenary session to “not give legitimacy to the lies that attack coexistence” because “then we we will complain that the extreme right rises ».

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