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Revenues rise with Covid and TGN is close to one hundred

One of lime and one of sand. If last week practically all the indicators in relation to the coronavirus were positive, in the last count carried out by the Department of Health of the Generalitat the alarms went off. And it is that the people admitted to the province of Tarragona with coronavirus have grown by 12. All of them, in the Camp de Tarragona health region. Therefore, the total number of hospitalized patients in the province is 98 (84 in Camp de Tarragona and 14 in Terres de l’Ebre, where the figure has not changed).

On the other side of the coin are the cases of people admitted to Intensive Care Units, which have dropped to 37 in Catalonia as a whole, compared to 40 at the last count.

slowdown in cases

If last week we were talking about an increase of 516 cases in 4 days, now there are 281 in the same time frame. That is, half. 223 cases have risen in the Camp de Tarragona and 58 in the Ebre, leaving the total at 232,708 (183,423 and 49,305, respectively).

As for deaths, nothing to regret in recent days. They are still 1,615 (1,370 + 245).

They also lower the RT and the risk of regrowth. The propagation speed is now 0.96 in Camp (-0.04) and 1.03 in Ebre (-0.12). The risk of regrowth drops to 215 (-19) in Camp de Tarragona and 212 (-41) in Terres de l’Ebre.

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