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Reus will have a new aquatic and fitness center next to the Olympic pavilion

The plenary session of the Reus City Council has approved this Friday, April 22, to award the work concession contract for the construction and operation of the aquatic and fitness center (CAIF) of Reus, to the company Dúo Spa & Sport SLU. The sports center will be built next to the Municipal Olympic Hall and will have a set of indoor swimming pools and complementary spaces for the practice of fitness and directed activities.

The scope of the action reaches a total of almost 8,000m2, and a building of a total constructed area of ​​about 5,000m. It will be a multidisciplinary center open to all age groups and physical conditions that will be able to absorb the figure of 4,000 subscribers.

It will have reception spaces, differentiated changing rooms for its users (subscribers, installation staff, etc.), main hall, complementary hall, children’s and leisure hall, thermal area, infirmary, fitness room, room for directed activities, great for activities that bring together more users, a light gym room for activities that do more specific body and mind work, a cycling room, a material store, or even some commercial spaces, among others.

It will also have complementary services such as children’s playroom, physiotherapy consultation, nutrition, personal care, kiosk and/or restaurant bar, leaving the choice of services to be offered, among the options provided, to the discretion of the bidder.

The new aquatic and fitness center responds to a public-private collaboration model, with an offer open to all audiences and clearly differentiated from conventional pools, with services associated with the type of sports practices that can be carried out in these spaces and beyond leisure.

The project, included in the Reus Municipal Action Plan 2019-2023, wants to respond to the demand of the citizens collected in the survey of sports habits of the citizens, to be able to develop a physical and sports activity aimed at health and the improvement of people’s quality of life.

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