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Reus recovers the Ball Parlat de la Rosaura in a vindictive way

Numerous families, couples and residents of Reus impatiently approached the already usual Plaça de La Patacada to wait for the traditional parade that, from the Institut-Escola Pi del Burgar, carried the Arbre de Maig. The melody of grallas and drums began to sound and, after two attempts, the participants celebrated the successful planting of the pine tree in the center of the square.

This was followed by the opening proclamation, by Helena Sardà, former president of the Coordinadora de Danses Tradicionals de Reus, the organizer of the event in collaboration with the Col·lectiu Reusenc d’Activitats Culturals (CRAC), the Ball de Diables and the Orfeo Reusenc. In addition, the Festa de l’Arbre de Maig had a special emotion for the recovery of the Ball Parlat de la Rosaura, a traditional dance from the 19th century.

Sardà encouraged the public to “jointly celebrate spring” as a “symbolic excuse” to claim “the evolution of traditional dances”, the need to “make visible those of other areas of the Catalan countries” and “expand the very concept of culture popular”. Undoubtedly, the premiere of the new Ball Parlat de la Rosaura stood out for these same aspects: a great historical link to the city of Reus, social entertainment and a message of feminist awareness.

Traditional clothing and choreography immediately faded into the background, as Rosaura’s story continues to be highly topical. Unfortunately, as Helena Sardà explained, “this is the situation of women who, throughout history and even now, have suffered abuse and are killed for the simple fact of being a woman.”

With this public denunciation as a backdrop, the performers dazzled the audience, who applauded animatedly, with their emotionality, an almost poetic speech and an exceptional combination of old Catalan and current expressions.

Two girls from the Ball de Diables led the spectators from scene to scene and encouraged them to intervene and comment freely. Meanwhile, the different «characters» alternately intervened, between dance and dance, to develop the plot; from the supposed infatuation, passing through the rape and until the final sentence.

The criticism of the Ball de la Rosaura achieved its goal, even among the youngest members of the public who were startled and horrified by the unfair treatment received by the protagonist.

Between cheers and applause, one of the “devils” ended the performance with a clear demand: “We will not remain silent, I want to go alone and safely, because only yes is yes.”

After two screenings of the Ball Parlat, the day ended with a concert by the group TRÄ. Today, the celebration continues with traditional games, the Ball d’Espases de Cervera and the Ball de Bastons de Salou as guests and a folk dance that will close the Festa de l’Arbre de Maig.

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