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Rent orchards to disconnect | Tarragona Newspaper

David Gómez, a 28-year-old from Tarragona with a degree in Business Administration, has wanted to mix his two worlds: the enterprising and restless spirit with the passion for nature. “I’ve had it in the roots since I was little, the afternoons with my grandparents, brother and cousins ​​on the plot,” he explains as the seed of The Teu Hort TGNa project that combines the farming and the environmentalism.

His academic training and his work experience had led him down financial paths, but as his head never stopped boiling, he slowly developed the plan, without haste but with conviction and ambition: “I have always had a tendency to think about possible projects. I always wanted to do something on a small scale and I thought I would do it with my father’s plots.

«I want to create a community of people interested in ecology and the environment»

David Gomez

Some land in an access to Tarragonaon the N-240 between Saint Savior and the city, at the height of the toll AP-7, could be used for your enterprise test lab. Instead of selling those lands, he, with the collaboration of his father, Marianwith a long history in gardening, preferred to take advantage of them in another way: renting orchards between 30 and 60 square meters, depending on the needs of each user, to offer a growing space. «I informed myself, I did some research and I saw that there were other similar projects in Spain. I saw that it was feasible to do something similar here in Tarragona », he relates.

David is also clear about what type of client he is looking for: «Anyone can come but we estimate that the target is for people from 40-45 years old, interested in having their own place to return to the countryside, who perhaps do not want to own land but do want a space to disconnect, start cultivating and start in agriculture.

It already has the first customers who occupy some of the 18 plots offered, in this first phase of a project that can be expanded in the future. Automated irrigation, basic tools or common areas to rest are some of the services included in the package, in addition to advice in the world of farming. “My father has always been linked to agricultural issues, so he is there to help people in case they need anything, for example, when it comes to planting,” says David.

One of the urban plots offered by David Gómez, next to the N-240, between Tarragona and Sant Salvador. Photo: Pere Ferre.

In the long term, the goal is “to create a community of people interested in ecological issues, aware of the environment, who are committed to nature in a relaxed and calm environment.” This private initiative comes to satisfy, in part, the lack of urban orchards that the public administration drags. “In some places there is much more demand than supply and we believe that it can be a good alternative and at an affordable price,” says David, full of enthusiasm and motivation for a project that mixes commercial flair but also personal accomplishment and that is already bearing fruit: «I have never taken it from the side of making money. I want it to be a profitable project, yes, but I also look for other incentives such as generating a community».

Social networks are already underway to spread the word, after intense work on the ground, which has ranged from cutting down trees to removing brambles or vegetation of all kinds to make the place optimal. More information, contact and rates –including launch promotions– on the page ‘‘ and through the mail ‘‘.

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