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Remove the brossa from five marijuana plantations in Vilanova de Prades

In Vilanova de Prades, the 60 volunteers who have participated daily in the day to clean up the leftover residues in marijuana plantations are going to find the surprise that, if they have managed to clean up three, they will find five. And it is that in the area of ​​the ravine dels Segalassos n’hi there were three –les altres dues estaven a prop de la bassa municipal–.

Some of the participants in the day.

Fins i tot, those responsible for the drug havien fet al llarg del torrent petits embassaments amb troncs, pals, terra, pedra i plàstics por abastir d’agua les plants, comments the mayor, Artur Miró, «i tot això ho hem desfet ».

They have collected all a container full of deixalles, mainly mànegues del rec, molts plàstics del menjar, chocolates de butà and al menys three 200 liter drums. Miró believed that the distress caused by the dismantling of these plantations would make them pay the detinguts at the time of being condemned.

The delinqüents feien basses al barranc to have water to irrigate.

After the feina, the participants will dinar grilled meat -llonganissa and cansalada-, potato and carxofa to the caliu and green amanida. Tot regat amb vi, cervera, aigua, etc.

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