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Reestablish the railway circulation to Vilaverd after the derailment of dijous passat

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Adif has re-established this Sunday, at 2:30 p.m., the railway traffic on the Plana de Picamoixons-Montblanc tram, once the repair and replacement tasks of the damaged infrastructure were completed after the derailment of the locomotive and two wagons of a train Continental Rail merchandise at 7:40 p.m. on April 28, at kilometer point 64,400, to Vilaverd.

The incident is going to cause heavy damage to a 104-meter-long railway tram and to the electrification and signaling systems, which is going to cause the interruption of the service of the Barcelona-Lleida line, in the tram that runs between the stations of Montblanc i Plana de Picamoixons.

At first, it is going to displace the staff of Adif’s maintenance incidence and, after assessing the danys, it is going to mobilize all the technical and material resources necessary to carry out the operations to restore as soon as possible the servei, among them due to heavy loads for the removal of derailed material, wagons and other vehicles and machinery.

The first intervention will consist of mobilizing a diesel locomotive for the removal of the wagons that are not affected by the incident and preparing the area to be able to locate the cranes that will carry out the removal of the derailed material. These operations will end the dissabte on April 30.

From the calls, and with the finality of reestablishing the railway traffic with the best speed, Adif has worked uninterruptedly for 68 hours, consisting of the complete renovation of the 104 meters of track affected by the derailment and the repair of the installations. lacions danyades.

In total, they have replaced 174 concrete monobloc traverses and 208 meters of rail of 54 and 60 kg/ml, they have added an additional 52 m³ to the existing ballast and have reposed a glued sealing joint. Once the superstructure was assembled, it was leveled with heavy machinery throughout the entire length in order to restore the geometry of the original track.

Other than that, they have replaced four electricity grids and all the affected catenària elements have been reposed, also with the entrance signal of the Plana de Picamoixons coast and the road circuit connections.

In the next few days, additional work will be done on rail welding, neutralization and according to leveling, along with the removal of materials and conditioning of the environment, which will not affect rail traffic.

Adif regrets the inconvenience caused by this incident and has made a great effort to be able to restore traffic normality in the shortest time possible.

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