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Recovery of a kilometer of a tram from Gaià to Querol

On the initial tram, between the counties of Conca de Barberà and l’Alt Camp, the Gaià is one of the rius mediterranis millor conservats. Amb aquest esperit, i porqué ho segueixi sent, l’Agència Catalana de l’Aigua (ACA) foresees the recovery of the fluvial space in the area connected with Mas Esplugues, at the municipal term of Querol.

The area of ​​the action is located next to the old outbuilding station, in the first area of ​​the Gaià River, at the edge of the rugged coastline and is for an approximate length of 1,100 metres, with an associated area of 9.7 hectares. This action complements the demolition project of the old capacity station and is, therefore, a project that adds to the recovery of the basin of the River Gaià.

The ACA is about to award the drafting of the construction project, with an amount of 64,820.41 euros. A cop s’hagi signat amb l’guanyadora company of the contest, this has a term of set mesos to materialize the works.

The action seeks the ecological restoration of this area, with the objective, also, of consolidating it as a riparian corridor. Keep in mind that in this area there is the existence of alien and invasive species (herbs, shrubs and trees) and the location of three rescloses: that of Mas Esplugues, that of the old Molinet hydroelectric plant and the regants d’Armentera.

The mayor of Querol, Jordi Pijoan, shows to the Diari the great satisfaction with the project to the river Gaià, «which in some points is more degraded and now invests in the serious restoration to recover the riparian forest, and to treat the elements that interfere with the biological corridors of the mateix riu, that impede the transit of fish amunt i avall». Pijoan recalls that some Gaià tram is a candidate to be a Natural River Reserve.

The project will have to define various alternatives, keep in mind the current uses of the space, and also foresee a follow-up and maintenance plan for a year after the planned actions are finalized.

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