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Real estate racism | Tarragona Newspaper

The ordeal that immigrants have to undergo to access rent and even buy a flat in which to live is a phenomenon that deserves deep reflection. It is enough to take a walk through the real estate portals that appear on the internet to realize this. It can be assumed that xenophobic prejudices would not operate in the same way if the applicant for a flat were a North African with high resources, which, in addition to racism, speaks of aporophobia, hatred of the poor. It is, furthermore, a circumstance that the real estate agencies do not deny, who hide behind the fact that they abide by the conditions set by the owner of the home, even knowing that in this way they violate the law and the right to equality. This difference in treatment depending on the origin or race of the client is a humiliation that brings out a social discrimination that is not seen but that exists and that challenges institutions and citizens as a whole. In fact, on very few occasions, the justice has acted to put an end to this behavior, as happened in Barcelona, ​​where two sanctions were imposed: one on a landlord for offering a rental “only to Spaniards” and the other for a case of discrimination. directly to a prospective tenant. There are many surveys that reflect that tolerance towards foreigners has been taking hold in this country due to the progressive assumption of multicultural diversity as an opportunity for collective enrichment and not as a threat; and also because it is clear that this society, in some areas as fundamental as that of care, cannot be sustained – nor will it be sustained, according to birth figures – without migrant workers. Leasing a house to a migrant constitutes something more than a free economic transaction. It helps to promote the integration of those who have come here to earn an honest living with their work.

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