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Rasquera poses in valor els ramats of autochthonous white goat of the Serra de Cardó

Hundreds of people have visited this weekend the XXXV Fira Ramadera i d’Artesania de Rasquera. There they have been able to see the shepherd’s office, both in the baixada dels ramats, taste and acquire local products.

The fair, which has the white goat of Rasquera as the protagonist, has showcased typical products from Ribera d’Ebre with olive oil, wine, embotits or products derived from goats and sheep with format. The local artisans have also been able to show their seves creations from ceramics, pauma or even from eines per al bestiar.

In addition to the parades, which are held by various streets of the municipality, the Fira comptava amb music to càrrec de l’Agrupació Musical Rasquerana, songs of jotes and exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations to donate more depth to the knowledge on the economic activity local. There, it is also going to celebrate some activities prior to the related fair, such as a group of malalties in remnant animals or the inauguration of an exhibition on the subsistence economy of the postwar period.

During the festival, which will continue throughout the weekend, is going to celebrate acts related to the economy, tradition and crafts with pauma workshops or wine tastings that are going to complement both of the other ‘oci i culture with a children’s entertainment show, presentations of books as well as a tasting of white goat tapas from Rasquera that will be celebrated during the matí de diumenge.

The descent of Ramats

Diumenge al migdia, good part of the visitors is going to head to the game of the Oriols for rebre els ramats d’ovella and white goat of Rasquera. From les dotze els ramats van anar arribant sense cap ore of problem. Some, the most novells and the ones that premiere on the Baixada, are going to end up and arrive around one o’clock on the migdia.

There, the councilor for Social Rights, Violant Cervera, alongside the mayor of Rasquera, Àngels Llombart, will carve the inaugural ribbon for the baixada dels ramats.

The Minister stressed that the objective of the Ministry is «to build a Catalonia of progress and well-being that guarantees that everyone can develop their vital project with equal opportunities and employment in the territory». Cervera states that «to achieve-ho cal work in molts àmbits: driving uns serveis socials de qualitat i proximitat; Fighting against depopulation and guaranteeing that young people do not act as marxars from home but are lacking in job opportunities».

The mayor, for the seva band, highlighted this activity as one of the most emblematic of the fair and detailed that it is about an activity that is going to be created in homage to the ramaderia, one of the main economic activities of the municipality. «This content because hi has hagut molta assistència i el temps ens ha acompanyat. To the baixada del ramat also. It is a record of a shepherd’s office and it is also a record of the fires d’abans, where there was a very important activity of buying and selling animals». She explained herself, tot afegint that «this activity is going to perdre als seixanta quan mechanitzar els camps. For many years Rasquera has been a village farmer and the fair is going to recover both the idea of ​​paying homage to seva history».

Llombart claims the importance of the white goat and its necessary function in the woods. «Les goats, especially this one, are most necessary for the neteja dels boscos. Rasquera tea in good part of the term biosphere reserve and this tasca is very valuable to avoid that it is produced by fires».

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